Living the Cookieless Life as a Marketer

Learn more from our Influencer Marketing Strategists Rachel Davidson, Rebecca Beach, and Kristen Gioscia.

Hosted by Katya Allison

November 18, 2021 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET


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The digital landscape changes on a daily basis, which can be a challenge for any marketing strategy.

From algorithm changes on social to Google updates for search, making sure that the campaigns you run are effectively bringing in the ROI. This fireside chat is aimed at controlling what you can control, and implementing a plan that works regardless of those changes – influencer marketing!

Whether you’re looking for brand awareness, revenue, or content, working with creators can help ensure that regardless of what happens in the digital world you have a strategy that works every time!

Join us and learn from our team of Influencer Marketing Strategists as we aim to explore:

  • Why Creators are vital to a successful marketing strategy.
  • Implementing an omnichannel strategy with Creators.
  • How Creators can share your brand story.
  • Hacks for growing your customer email list.
  • What a full-funnel strategy with Creators looks like.
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Living the Cookieless Life as a Marketer

Hosted by Katya Allison
Director of Marketing Content at
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