0 to 100 influencer marketing webinar

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

From 0 to 100 influencers walk through the entire process to get started with influencer marketing

GRIN teamed up with MVMT Watches' Ethan Frame to create the most comprehensive guide for the entire influencer marketing process. The guide gives a complete step by step breakdown on how any brand can take their influencer marketing program from 0 influencers to 100 and scale their business.

In our unique web series we chat with Ethan Frame live, as he discusses his process, and how he was able to ramp up the MVMT influencer program.

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Who's Speaking

Ethan Frame

Senior Manager, Influencer Marketing at MVMT

Katya Allison

Director of Marketing Content & Sales Enablement at GRIN

"There are so many different little nuances in influencer marketing from the very beginning of the campaign to the very end, on the individual influencer level and at the macro campaign level."

-Ethan Frame, Senior Manager Influencer Marketing,

MVMT Watches

0 to 100 getting started with influencer marketing

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0 to 100: Getting Started with Influencer Marketing series


Getting Started

Learn how to identify your influencer marketing objectives, set KPIs, determine budget and more.


Identify Influencers

Find out how to identify and find the right influencers to align with your brand.


Influencer Budget

Gain insight on the ROI of your program and influencer compensation plans that work.


Creator Outreach

Discover the right way to reach out to influencers for success and to create long-term relationships.



Explore how to set up influencer campaigns, select platforms, and implement attribution.



Understand pivotal KPIs, how to measure them and how to identify ROI.

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