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GRIN knows influencer marketing. We've worked with top eCommerce brands and helped scale influencer programs in every industry.

Check out a few top performing industry metrics, along with influencer marketing sales strategy tips to propel your brand's influencer programs to the next level.

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Apparel & Accessories Industry

From secret sales and influencer campaigns to over 22,000 post engagements per week, brands in the apparel and accessories industry are mastering influencer marketing strategies and seeing huge returns.  

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Food & Beverage Industry

Virtual tasting and evergreen recipe creations are only a few of the ways Food and Beverage brands are getting creative with influencer marketing and seeing over increased traction on their influencer campaigns.

Beauty & Personal Care Industry

Beauty and Personal Care brands are producing highly engaging content with their influencer programs. Hashtag challenges, experiential videos are pushing this industry's brands to see nearly 7X the ROI on their influencer marketing efforts. 

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Fitness & Nutrition Industry

Always a leader in influencer marketing success, Fitness and Nutrition brands are utilizing influencers in every leg of their marketing efforts, seeing results like over 16,000 views per post per week.

Influencer Marketing for Every Industry

GRIN works with all industries all across the board. If you have a social media marketing strategy, you have a place for influencer marketing.

Reach out to the GRIN team and ask for more information on your industry. GRIN is here to offer you metrics, strategies, and best practices to drive sales through influencer marketing along with the tools to manage your relationships.

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