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GRIN’s influencer marketing platform helps you expand your influencer relationships, your sales, and your brand—without expanding your workload.

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Bigger, better influencer search and analysis

A good influencer marketing platform helps you organize and contact the right influencers for your brand with the data to back up your decisions. With influencer analytics and an influencer recruitment suite fully loaded with email sequences, and all the relationship management capabilities you’d find in the best CRM software solutions, GRIN gives you the power to run high-performance influencer campaigns and drive massive revenue.

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GRIN's influencer marketing platform snapshots
GRIN's influencer marketing platform snapshots

Easy campaign creation and organization

GRIN doesn’t stop at influencer recruitment. Once you’ve assembled your team of top-notch creators, GRIN helps you build out winning influencer campaigns. Create briefs, send proposals with branded landing pages, track produced content, and organize everything within your campaign workroom—from content reporting to influencer product shipment.

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In-platform product seeding and payments

GRIN even has product shipping covered. Our leading ecommerce integrations sync with your shop so you can monitor inventory, let influencers select product, and ship with one click. You can also track products to delivery and view key metrics as soon as content goes live. GRIN will even generate discount codes and affiliate links and pay your influencers, taking the busywork off your hands.

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Stylized snapshots of GRIN's influencer marketing platform
Stylized snapshots of GRIN's influencer marketing platform

Next-level content management

Tired of tracking down influencer content? Let GRIN do it for you. With the most comprehensive and customizable media library in the industry, GRIN aggregates all your influencer-generated content and lets you filter by color, metrics, and more. It also gives you the tools to repurpose your favorite content into beautiful boards or video stories, for maximum impact.

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Thorough reporting and analytics

Data transparency is everything when making influencer marketing decisions. GRIN doesn’t just make it easy, it gives you actual ROI at the program level, campaign level, and even the individual influencer level. Armed with these detailed influencer marketing metrics, you can reward your high performers, re-run campaigns that hit it out of the park, or use them for your own benefit (hello, raise).

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Stylized snapshots of GRIN's influencer marketing platform

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Scale your influencer program and be ready for growth!
GRIN has allowed me to automate processes, saving me time, money and allowing me to scale my influencer programs. Before GRIN I was capped at managing a total of 200 influencers. Utilizing GRIN software has allowed me to push beyond that threshold and more.

Lydia Lee, Affiliates & Ambassadors at nutpods

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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