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MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches saw incredible success by creating meaningful relationships with their influencers and producing authentic media that transcended the traditional forms of advertising.

Offering email, product fulfillment, discount codes, affiliate links, reporting, content analysis, filtering options, and list curation, GRIN took spreadsheets MVMT previously used to manage influencers and created an all-in-one influencer relationship management platform that was leveraged to transform influencer marketing efficiency and increase sales.

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MVMT Watches



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Darn Good Yarn

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ethan mvmt influencer marketing testimonial

Ethan Frame

Influencer Marketing Director at MVMT

Grin is by far the most comprehensive influencer marketing suite available today, and quite frankly warrants such praise due to the extensive nature of the tool's capabilities. Gone are the days of manually inputting product orders, consistently checking content deliverables have been posted, and the tediousness of updating influencer records on spreadsheets.

greg trifecta influencer marketing testimonial

Greg Connolly

CEO & Founder at Trifecta Nutrition

The BEST software for influencer marketing. We scaled from $0 to $30M ARR in 36 months. Grin helped us scale our influencer marketing program in-house without having to hire more staff. The software automates a lot of time-consuming processes and reporting, and their CRM replaced dozens of spreadsheets and manual data entry.

olivia berman influencer marketing testimonial

Olivia Bergman

Marketing Manager at Contravent

The reporting processes has cut down on our man hours and simplified the communication aspect of influencer marketing. Contravent is an ad agency still hustling in start up mode, I dig that Grin is as well and we are able to grow together. I love that we make suggestions and we see them come to fruition, which would be unlikely with a more established company.

sam betesh influencer marketing testimonial

Sam Betesh

Marketing Director at Hush

Grin allows you run large-scale micro-influencer marketing programs in-house. You own the relationship, you pay 1/3rd what you would per influencer via any other platform, and you can do it all in just a few hours a week. Cut my weekly work from 20 hours a week down to 2-3 because they allow us to easily vet influencers in seconds and auto-ship orders.

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