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Create custom rights agreements

When you’re about to sign a new creator or launch a new campaign, GRIN makes the legal stuff simple. Customize your own content rights agreement in just a few clicks. Your creator will receive a link to accept the agreement, which is conveniently stored for you to refer back to when their content starts rolling in.

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Share and repurpose content in any format

GRIN offers a full suite of features to help cultivate your relationships with content creators on every channel. Our tools make it easy to organize, share, and repurpose any type of social branded content from your partners – including a new Lumanu integration that lets you repurpose content across your paid channels.

Promote and distribute everywhere

Once you’ve curated your best branded content, promote it across all social media channels with GRIN. Content created in TikTokYouTube, Twitter, and Twitch can be easily collected and distributed, even cross-channel.

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Manage brand collaborations from one hub

Whether you’re a DTC brand or an agency, having the option to manage multiple content campaigns and brands within one platform is the ultimate time and stress saver. GRIN provides a home for all collaborator activity, including communication, making it easier than ever to generate top-notch branded content for any influencer marketing campaign.

Run thorough reporting and analytics

GRIN is statistical heaven for branded content marketers. View results from a high-level campaign perspective or drill down to individual pieces of content. With custom tag tracking, you can even set up multiple campaigns to be tracked down to the finite details —so you can see which content is converting just the way you want.

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GRIN has allowed me to automate processes, saving me time, money and allowing me to scale my influencer programs. Before GRIN I was capped at managing a total of 200 influencers. Utilizing GRIN software has allowed me to push beyond that threshold and more.

– Lydia Lee, Affiliates & Ambassadors at nutpods

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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