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GRIN, the top 10 software in 2021 on Influencer Marketing Hub

GRIN has been nominated as Top 10 Software on Influencer Marketing Hub, the leading social media resource

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Highlights about GRIN from IMH

We would like to share some of the quotes from Influencer MarketingHub that point out some of the advantages when you work with GRIN.

“Influencers become influential because they’ve cultivated a trusting relationship with their audience, not because that audience is big. The idea behind GRIN is to capitalize on that influence, but not in a transactional way. The GRIN philosophy is that influencer marketing is marketing to the influencer. Build a trusting relationship with them, and all else falls into place.”

“GRIN’s focus is on ecommerce businesses with integrations into some of the major shopping platforms. For all the coding and technical wizardry that goes into GRIN, the website reads like a manual for couples therapy, with its focus on things like ‘relationships,’ and ‘trust,’ and ‘authenticity.’”

“GRIN’s pricing is entirely customised. Before providing you any kind of quote, they’ll look to find out as much about your company as they can. How large is your organization? What does your current influencer program look like? Where are you looking to take it?”

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No other platform does it all like GRIN

What makes GRIN the industry leader? Our all-in-one creator relationship management platform offers a full suite of features to help you through every step of influencer marketing.

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