Deliver authenticity through human touch at scale.

The “human touch” your creators provide their audience is critical to the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. But creators need a bit of human touch, too—no matter how many you have on your roster.

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Talk to your creators (yes, all of them).

Relationships are built on communication. You need to show every creator some love, even if they’re one of hundreds. That’s why GRIN helps you stay in touch with all your creators, without having to write new emails for every individual. Our pre-written email sequences and templates are sneaky shortcuts to cultivating every relationship in your influencer marketing campaigns.

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Send personal notes, not spam.

It’s not a great look to send the same generic message to all your creators in a massive email chain. GRIN’s email integration gives you the option to put a personal touch on as many messages in your email blast as you want, while making sure the core message gets relayed to up to 100 of your creators at once.

Curate products just for them.

A creator who feels valued will show that value in return. So when it comes time for product seeding, you can do better than sending them your entire catalogue and saying, “pick one.” Instead, curate collections for every creator based on their specific interests, and track each order to make sure the deliveries get there in a timely manner.

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Ready to see more?

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GRIN is an absolute LIFE SAVER! I spent too much time in the past organizing my team of ambassadors using a Google sheet. Communication was all over the place - Hours spent building orders for Shopify are now a BREEZE! Knowing I have the support of this software I can grow our influencer marketing with the satisfaction it will be done with ease!

- Victoria Shanley, Director of Operations & Marketing at Frenchie Bulldog

Treat your creators like your brand revolves around them.

Because in the creator economy, it does. Request a free demo and see how GRIN can help your brand unlock the power of influence, one relationship at a time.

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