Optimize and iterate using data.

Relationships evolve over time, and those with your creators are no exception. Good creator management means tracking content performance and using that data to improve and change up your influencer marketing partnerships.
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Identify top performers.

Within your creator network, some will simply rep your brand better than others. The advanced analytics inside GRIN help you see who your shining stars are that are worth reinvestment. The platform also flags the most impactful content you can use for whitelisting or organic social content, so you’re only promoting the best of the best within your influencer marketing campaigns.

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Track every stat.

A creator management program can have dozens of KPIs for influencer marketing campaigns, individual creators, and your program as a whole. Keeping an eye on all the numbers is critical to knowing what to do next.

That’s why GRIN compiles ALL your creator data from multiple influencer marketing campaigns into a single dashboard. The easy-to-use interface includes full breakdowns and trends, so reporting campaign successes (and not-so-successes) is a breeze.

Use custom affiliate links and promo codes.

Of course, wherever possible, you want to be able to connect your creators directly to products sold. GRIN gives you the tools to create unique affiliate links and promo codes—which make for compelling calls to action that can improve influencer marketing campaign success—and track their revenue for crystal-clear results.

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GRIN is an absolute LIFE SAVER! I spent too much time in the past organizing my team of ambassadors using a Google sheet. Communication was all over the place - Hours spent building orders for Shopify are now a BREEZE! Knowing I have the support of this software I can grow our influencer marketing with the satisfaction it will be done with ease!

- Victoria Shanley, Director of Operations & Marketing at Frenchie Bulldog

Treat your creators like your brand revolves around them.

Because in the creator economy, it does. Request a free demo and see how GRIN can help your brand unlock the power of influence, one relationship at a time.

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