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Connect your BigCommerce store with GRIN for massive time savings. 

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GRIN for BigCommerce.

BigCommerce’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes and maturity levels to sell more.
GRIN, the leading Creator Management platform, is designed to help you get the most out of your BigCommerce store. Our all-in-one BigCommerce integration allows you to combine your creator management workflow with your ecommerce platform seamlessly. 

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Here is what you can do with the BigCommerce integration:

Offer creators the latest products with minimal effort.

GRIN’s integration with BigCommerce supports real-time syncs of product stock to ensure you’re offering up-to-date catalogs to creators.

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Take the back-and-forth out of product seeding.

Simplify product gifting efforts by creating collections and allowing creators to choose the products they want to promote. 

Send orders directly to your fulfillment team. 

Create product fulfillment orders right within GRIN, and push them through to your online store. Once shipped, you can track each creator’s order within GRIN with real-time data. 

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Gain creator insights with Discount Codes and Affiliate Links. 

GRIN helps you develop custom Discount Codes and Affiliate Links at scale that automatically update within BigCommerce. Share them with creators and easily track conversions through GRIN’s Reporting Dashboard. 

“The GRIN platform is very user-friendly and helps to streamline the partnership process from inbounding creators to sending commission payments. You can create campaigns or activations that work best for your brand, and based on the setup, all you have to do is follow the steps within the campaign to onboard creators. ‘Activations’ is a great feature for customizing campaigns for individuals based on their deliverables and payment structure. I’d highly recommend the GRIN platform to any brand that is looking to grow its influencer community in a streamlined manner!” — Jenna G., G2 Review

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