g2 reviews - grin influencer marketing

Spring 2021: GRIN is G2 Leader and #1 in Influencer Marketing Software

Not only has GRIN retained its G2 Leader status into Spring 2021, ...
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grin influencer marketing software series A funding

Why we raised our $10M Series A

When Brian, Ryan and I launched the GRIN platform in late 2017 ...
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Press Release: GRIN Influencer Marketing Software Integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Sacramento, California - September 24, 2020 - GRIN, the leading influencer marketing ...
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influencer marketing reporting tools

GRIN Offers the Most Comprehensive Reporting in Influencer Marketing with New Reporting Suite 

Top influencer marketing company unveils new and improved reporting capabilities to help ...
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frenchie bulldog influencer program highlight square

Top Dog Apparel Designer Brand Uses Product Seeding to Deliver ROI in 3 months

The first of its kind and the original designer of the Reversible ...
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influencer marketing software comparison report G2

Spring 2020: GRIN Once Again Named G2 Leader In Influencer Marketing Software

Once again, GRIN is G2’s choice for Spring Leader 2020. As GRIN ...
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