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The people have spoken: GRIN consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader for influencer marketing platforms.

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High rankings across the board

GRIN has earned several accolades on G2, trusted by 3M+ people for unbiased information on software.

No other platform does it all like GRIN

What makes GRIN the industry leader? Our all-in-one influencer relationship management platform offers a full suite of features to help you through every step of influencer marketing.

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eCommerce Integration

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Influencer Recruitment

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Content Creation System

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Reporting & Attribution

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Relationship Management

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Partnership Workflow


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Only GRIN can help you create genuine influencer relationships, generate authentic content, fulfill product, track performance at every level, and collect real revenue analytics for true ROI at any scale. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these reports detailing how we stack up against other players in the industry.

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