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Try GRIN, the G2 Crowd Leader in Influencer Marketing Software. Our all-in-one Influencer Relationship Management platform enables you to build powerful relationships with influencers, create authentic media and lifestyle generated content, track campaign performance and manage every aspect of your influencer marketing all in one place. Scale your influencer programs and your brand with GRIN’s complete set of features.

  • eCommerce Integration

  • Creator & Influencer Recruitment

  • Content Creation System

  • Reporting & Attribution

  • Relationship Management

  • Partnership Workflow

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Take Control of Influencer Marketing

Manage and scale your influencer marketing programs with GRIN's all-in-one influencer marketing software. Connect with the right influencers, nurture influencer relationships, curate authentic content, track performance and collect real revenue analytics for true ROI all within the GRIN platform.  

As the leader in the influencer marketing software space, GRIN clients successfully develop their programs at high levels of growth. Bringing all facets of your influencer marketing together into one platform, GRIN’s software solution handles everything from product fulfillment, team and influencer communication, payments, content tracking and more.

eCommerce brands of all shapes and sizes have achieved and surpassed their campaign goals while using GRIN's Influencer Marketing Software.

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What GRIN Customers are Saying

Ambassador Management with GRIN

I'm able to keep tabs on ambassadors and measure KPI's on a monthly basis to track my teams influence, impressions, video views, and posts. Its also been super helpful being able to send ambassadors new products and gear. Now that my current ambassador team is up and running, I'm planning on expanding my ambassador team.

Rihana C.

Best Management Software without a doubt

The reason why I believe this is the best influence software is because how it lays out all the analytics for my campaign. Amazing marketing strategies using this software and builit a great social media.


Unmatched Influencer Platform

Grin makes scaling influencer marketing a painless process. From the prospecting features to campaigns, partnerships, and payments - every part of the influencer process is made easier.

Chance R.

Miles ahead of any other Influencer Marketing Software

Grin is by far the most comprehensive influencer marketing suite available today, and quite frankly warrants such praise due to the extensive nature of the tool's capabilities. The team has done such a profound job creating an all-in-one tool that I'm hard-pressed to pinpoint a specific feature I like "best." Grin has the ability to manage entire influencer campaigns from start to finish...

Ethan F.

One of my Favorite Influencer Marketing Platform Tools!

I love that this platform is able to connect to my email and have an influencer recruitment, UGC content gathering + a CRM aspect. I have tried many different tools over the last 7 years and find that platforms where you have to wait for influencers to apply to a campaign within a platform gets to be pretty annoying. I like to have more control of who I am reaching out to and also like to have...


Best Influencer CRM Platform for Shopify

Since Grin integrates so well with Shopify, Grin makes it exceptionally easy to create discount codes and affiliate links for influencers as well as shipping free product. Each of these is done with a simple click of a button and can be done en masse for multiple influencers. Grin is super intuitive and such an easy to use CRM platform. Also, the team at Grin is fantastic! They are really...


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