How Men’s Skincare Brand Every Man Jack Leverages Influencer Marketing for Retail and Ecommerce

How Men’s Skincare Brand Every Man Jack Leverages Influencer Marketing for Retail and Ecommerce 1

Brad Handel | Marketing Manager at Every Man Jack

Wednesday | April 22, 2020

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Every Man Jack is a popular men’s cosmetics brand many people might recognize from seeing on the shelves of popular retail outlets. But as the pandemic caused a shift to ecommerce for many shoppers, Every Man Jack used its influencer marketing program to grow brand awareness online and generate unique marketing content. Today, the brand uses influencer content for its social media channels and website, as well as retail campaigns and in-store product displays—or really anywhere that they can reach consumers.

While the brand has a varied marketing program, working with influencers is a vital piece of the puzzle. Brad Handel, director of organic marketing at Every Man Jack, sat down with us to answer questions about his influencer marketing program and how he uses GRIN to manage it all.


How Every Man Jack uses GRIN to solidify itself as a top men’s skincare brand

Every week is different. Some weeks when things are running smoothly, and I don’t have a lot of questions or need as much from the influencers, then it’s just a couple of hours. But then, some weeks, correspondence might take a day or two of my time throughout the week.

We use a combination of both, but product gifting is always a part of it. We want the guys and the women we work with to have the product in hand so they are familiar with it. I like to send the guys to our website and let me know what interests them. From there, I can build a package of products that they’re actually going to like and want to use. I ask them to use it for a while before even posting about it because we want them to speak authentically about what they like about the products.

I can’t share numbers and percentages, but influencer marketing is an important piece of the puzzle. We really use influencer content anywhere we can, and it’s ever-evolving. There’s so much potential for content across platforms, whether that’s digitally, in-store, or print. Basically, anywhere you can speak to a consumer, there’s a potential to use influencer content.

It depends on how we find the person. If I’m using the search tool within GRIN, I can select people who have email addresses, and I can quickly send them an intro message right from the platform. But sometimes we’ll see someone talking about us or tagging us on Instagram, and we’ll just send a quick DM and say, “Hey, love what you’re doing, would love to talk to you about working with us.”

I try to keep it short. I tell them about us in a sentence or two, then a little about how we would like to work with them and just try to entice them to write back or click the link.

There are several layers to this, but it’s not very regimented. There are certain pieces of information that I want to get to each person, but I let the conversation happen as I get to know them rather than trying to force them through something right away.

For the initial outreach, I give just a brief introduction to the brand. From there, I send them to the campaign page, where I list more detailed information. I also send them to the website to check out our products. Then I send a follow-up message once they’ve received their first product, and I ask them what they liked, if they have any questions, and I point out a couple key attributes of the products they’ve chosen.

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About Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack is a family-owned and operated consumer products business with over 80 simple, affordable, high-quality grooming products for guys. They make products across all grooming categories, including Hair, Body, Deodorant, Shave, Skin, and Beard. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. They strive to use as many naturally derived and plant-based ingredients as possible while still delivering exceptional performance. No parabens. No phthalates. No dyes. No GMOs. And never tested on animals.

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About Brad Handel

Marketing Manager at Every Man Jack

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Brad Handel leads the Organic Marketing team at Every Man Jack, which is responsible for creating brand awareness, event activations, engaging content, and customer support. When he’s not telling guys everywhere to #cleanupnice, he’s either changing diapers, running with his dogs, taking care of the chickens and garden, or taking photos of one of the aforementioned hobbies (with the exception of the diapers).

April 22, 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise a skincare brand due to its unique ability to establish trust and authenticity with the target audience. Skincare is a personal and sensitive topic, and consumers seek genuine recommendations from trusted sources. Influencers, often with loyal and engaged followers, share personal experiences and real-life results using the products, creating a strong emotional connection. As influencers offer relatable and honest reviews, they can effectively showcase the brand’s benefits and efficacy, increasing credibility and brand awareness.

The male grooming and skincare global market size was $84.7 billion in 2023 and is expected to swell to more than $115.3 billion by 2028.

The future of men’s skincare is promising, driven by evolving attitudes towards grooming and self-care. Men increasingly embrace skincare as an essential aspect of their daily routine, leading to a surge in product innovation and customization. As the stigma around skincare for men diminishes, education and awareness campaigns will further promote the significance of skincare in maintaining healthy and confident appearances, resulting in a thriving and inclusive future for men’s skincare.

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