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GRIN Software Updates 2024: GRIN Releases New Tools & Updates to Turbocharge Efficiency

At GRIN, we began the new year committed to leveling up our best-in-class creator management software to bring you everything you need to take your creator program to new heights. 

We met with many of you to discuss what’s needed from GRIN software to make your workflows more efficient and your job easier. Your feedback served as our north star in 2023 and led to some of our most exciting releases to date—with even more innovation in the works for 2024. 

Here’s a look at what’s new to help make 2024 your most efficient year yet.

TikTok Creator Search

Everything you love about our Instagram Creator Search tool is now available for TikTok! Filter through all creators in TikTok’s Creator Marketplace by audience size, demographics, and other key parameters to find partners that align perfectly with your brand. When you find someone you like, you can add them directly to your prospect list and start your outreach. With the addition of TikTok Creator Search, you can now discover TikTok and Instagram creators right within GRIN!

GRIN Professional Services

Over the last year, we have fielded numerous requests from brands in need of additional creator management support. Some needed extra strategic guidance. Others just wanted an extra set of hands to help run their program.

After listening to your feedback, we launched Professional Services to address the most common themes.

“I have been a GRIN customer for over two years now and have had an amazing experience,” Vitruvi CEO and Co-Founder Sara Panton Rogier said. “So when GRIN said it was launching a Professional Services offering, I jumped on it.”  

Professional Services combines GRIN’s best-in-class software with a team of experienced influencer marketing strategists. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune a specific part of your program or want someone to handle your entire operation, our Professional Services team acts as an extension of your own, offering you tailored support where you need it most. 

“Professional Services is exactly what my small team needed to take our program to the next level,” Rogier said. “As a part of our custom offering, GRIN’s team of seasoned influencer marketers will support us in both developing program strategy and in its execution. I’m excited about our continued partnership with GRIN and confident that it’ll help take our program to new heights.”

Activations upgrades

Our most-loved feature just keeps getting better. In the past few months, we have focused on enhancing your Activations workflow to keep you informed and help you take action faster. 

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Activations: 

Automate monthly Activation reports. 

You can now automate monthly insights reports on how your creator content is performing within an Activation. This saves you a step in the reporting process and enables you to highlight success to key stakeholders and make data-backed decisions on how to optimize your program. 

Stay on top of every action item. 

Don’t let another action item slip through the cracks—even during your busiest season. With GRIN’s new Actionable Insights feature, you’ll immediately see which Activations need your attention so you can focus on driving results, not sorting tasks. 

“I love the new reminder, ‘Pending proposals,’ that has been popping up for me,” Heather Saldivar, Social Media Specialist at Superfeet, said of the new Actionable Insights feature. “It’s a great notification that catches my eye quickly and I can get things approved quicker. Thank you for the awesome update.” 

Quickly create Activations.

Looking to send products to creators, track conversions, or create a fully custom Activation? Now you can get it done faster with Quick Create. 

Activations built through Quick Create come with pre-populated settings and customizable templates, making it simpler than ever to launch a new Activation in GRIN. Enjoy efficient campaign management with reduced learning curves, all while maximizing your time for strategic activities.

Archive completed Activations. 

Tie a bow on your completed Activations and file them away neatly. When you archive an Activation, you’ll keep valuable historical data intact and have the option of resuming the Activation at any time.  

Transfer content from Activation to Activation. 

You can now easily transfer content between Activations, tasks, and even social networks as needed. Our Activation Transfer feature gives you flexibility in organizing your campaigns to ensure accurate content tracking and reporting.

Affiliate Enhancements. 

Don’t stress about the busywork required to maintain a large affiliate network. We designed our latest affiliate enhancements with scale in mind to make managing robust affiliate programs a breeze.

  • Creator-generated Deep Links: Creators can generate and manage their own affiliate Deep Links to drive sales for specific products.
  • Deep Link Context: Automatically label each affiliate link to quickly determine which product it applies to.
  • Bulk-assign Links: Assign a Deep link to multiple creators within an Activation. 
  • Auto-assign Parent Link: Automatically assign parent links to every creator within an Activation.  

GRIN software glow up

We’ve made a number of improvements to GRIN’s visual user experience. Check it out:

New home page

The new login screen offers more streamlined app navigation and workflow.

  • Stay informed. Get an overview of critical account insights over the last 24 hours.
  • Take action. We offer recommended actions based on program and Activation status. 
  • Stay on track. Navigate to the Activation Workroom directly from your homepage. 
  • Have questions? Access to GRIN Academy, the GRIN Blog, and GRIN Help is only a click away. 

New navigation

We’ve redesigned a sleek, top navigation bar that enhances visibility into key areas of the platform. The new menu will intuitively guide you through the creator management journey, providing efficiency and ease at every step.

GRIN is constantly growing to meet your needs today and tomorrow. 

As GRIN evolves, our focus remains on meeting your current needs while anticipating future demands. Every tool and update we release is designed to enhance your efficiency, streamline your workflows, and empower your creator programs to achieve unprecedented success. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your growth and for being a part of ours. Together, we’re not just keeping pace with the creator economy—we’re setting the pace for the future.

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