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GRIN Launches New Tool to Keep Creator Campaigns on the Fast-Track to Success

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — GRIN, the world’s leading Creator Management platform, has announced a one-of-a-kind tool designed to eliminate the guesswork from influencer marketing and keep campaigns hurtling toward success.

Activations Benchmarking offers tailored campaign recommendations, tracks key performance metrics, and analyzes progress so the next step toward achieving mission-critical objectives is always crystal clear.

GRIN powers this new feature with billions of data points from more than a decade of customer performance history. 

In just the last 5 years, GRIN has pulled benchmarking data from over 84,000 influencer marketing campaigns. Collectively, those campaigns have generated more than:

  • 12 million content and media assets
  • 786 billion impressions

The data behind Activations Benchmarking highlights not only GRIN’s scientific approach to influencer marketing but also its position as architects within the creator economy, shaping the landscape one successful campaign at a time. 

Illuminate the path to success. 

Influencer marketing managers have enough on their plate. Now, they don’t have to spend time mapping out their next move because Activations Benchmarking has already charted it for them. 

Visualize progress.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s why Activations Benchmarking includes dynamic progress bars to pinpoint performance gaps and illustrate campaign progress at a glance.

Get context on your efforts.

Activations Benchmarking compares progress with similar brands in your segment who have achieved the same goal. This ensures you’re always on track to hit necessary milestones. 

What sets Activations Benchmarking apart?

Activations Benchmarking was built on three core pillars, each giving the feature the edge needed to outshine similar tools in the industry:

    1. Customizability: This is not a one-size-fits-all tool. GRIN tailors each benchmark to customers’ unique needs, considering campaign length, desired goals, and more.  
    2. Credibility: Powered by rich historical data from successful GRIN customers, Activations Benchmarking offers a reliable foundation for evaluating performance. 
    3. Flexibility: GRIN’s breadth of data makes Activations Benchmarking an essential tool for all users, regardless of program size or maturity. 

GRIN’s mission is to support all brands at every step of the creator marketing journey. From mom-and-pop shops to industry juggernauts, Activations Benchmarking empowers brands of all sizes to launch successful, measurable, and scalable creator programs. 

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