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At GRIN, we began 2023 with a central vision: to make your job easier.

So we mapped out all the tasks that influencer marketing managers must do to run a successful creator program and set out to simplify each one.

We prioritized efficiency and effectiveness at each bullet of the job description—from discovering brand-aligned creators to reporting the success of your program to key stakeholders.

The workload was even heavier than we realized. We estimated that, on average, an influencer marketing manager spends nearly 70 hours per week to keep their program in harmony. 

But over the last six months, we’ve been working just as hard as you have. And we’re proud to share what we’ve come up with to make your job easier from top to bottom. 

These new tools, combined with the original features that made GRIN the world’s #1 Creator Management platform, will give you everything you need to run your program better than ever—and in a fraction of the time.

The Creator Discovery Suite

The Creator Discovery Suite

In May, we welcomed our customers to the Creator Discovery Suite. Helping you find creators is one thing. But what really sets the Creator Discovery Suite apart is its combination of five on-demand and always-on tools to aid your search. 

On-demand tools are always a click away, ready to support your creator discovery journey when you need them. Always-on tools never stop working—even when you’re off the clock.

If you’re familiar with GRIN, you’ve likely already been introduced to our Web Extension (on-demand), Landing Pages (on-demand), and Social Listening (always-on) features. But this year, we added two additional tools to round out our new offering:

On-demand: Creator Search

Social media platforms weren’t built with influencer marketing managers in mind. But our new Creator Search function is.

With our multi-channel Creator Search tool, users can filter millions of profiles by follower count, engagement rate, audience insights, and more to surface potential partners—all from within GRIN.

Best of both worlds: Curated Lists

With Curated Lists, you can let our team of experts lead the influencer discovery charge. Just tell us about your ideal partner and we’ll compile a hand-picked list of prospects complete with valid email addresses for easy outreach. 

Whether you need creators for a one-off campaign or want a regular list of brand-aligned creators, our team is here to help you accelerate program growth without becoming overworked or increasing headcount.

Enhanced program management

GRIN has always been one of the most popular options for managing your influencer program. But strategies evolve, and thus, so does our platform. 

Here are just a few ways we’re helping you manage your program with features mirroring the current demands of the creator economy: 

Paid Amplification

TikTok Spark Ads combine the authenticity of influencer marketing with the power of paid media to create engaging ads that blend seamlessly into users’ feeds. As more and more of our customers prioritize their TikTok strategy, our Paid Amplification feature makes it easier than ever to leverage creator content in this high-performing ad format.

  • Improve efficiency. Quickly secure necessary creator permissions and launch your ad from within the GRIN platform. 
  • Optimize your budget. Creator-led ads reduce content generation costs and boost ad performance, allowing you to maximize ROI from your influencer and paid marketing budgets.
  • Succeed on TikTok. Winning brands prioritize a creator-first strategy on TikTok. Now, you can easily transform engaging creator content into relevant ads that your target audience actually wants to see. 

Content Approval

You and your creators have better things to do than go back and forth on approving content via email. So we streamlined the process and brought it into the GRIN platform. Our new Content Approval workflow facilitates every content review step, helping you to keep messaging airtight and on-brand.

With Content Approval, you can: 

  • Protect your brand’s reputation.
  • Align with your creators on brand values. 
  • Strengthen creator partnerships. 
  • Adhere to strict FTC compliance. 
  • Oversee the proper use of @mentions and #hashtags. 

IG Reels and Facebook Video metrics

Since Instagram now prioritizes Reel content, we decided we better do the same. GRIN users can now track Reels as an independent content type across our platform. And with automated Reel delivery directly from Meta’s API, you can trust the data will always be on point.

Improved Creator Experience

Providing a first-class creator experience is essential for retaining top talent. That’s why we’ve been striving to perfect the workflow for creators within GRIN.

Live Site Switcher 

Our Live Site Switcher simplifies the workflow for creators collaborating with multiple brands within GRIN. Now, creators can effortlessly switch from one brand’s Live Site to the next, helping them spend less time in the weeds and more time creating stunning content. 

Behind the scenes of the GRIN platform

We have plenty of shiny new features you can use to keep your program humming. But there are some additional changes we’ve been working on behind the scenes to ensure GRIN helps you squeeze everything you can from your influencer marketing efforts. 

User guides

Say goodbye to endless onboarding and start collecting ROI right from the jump. GRIN’s user guides make it simple for new end users to start building creator partnerships and connect with their audience in new ways from day one. 

Key takeaway: GRIN is growing to meet the evolving needs of your program and the creator economy. 

We pride ourselves on taking customer feedback to heart and remain committed to doing whatever it takes to make your job easier. With GRIN features new and old, you’ll have everything you need to finish 2023 with a bang and prepare yourself for years of successful influencer marketing to come. The only question now is: What are you going to do with all of that time you save using GRIN?

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Supercharge Your Influencer Discovery Efforts

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Compare the Time of a Manual Process vs. GRIN
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