How to Create an Effective Influencer Strategy for Your Business

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It’s a fact: Your business needs an influencer strategy. Influencer marketing is the next big thing in marketing. It’s already proving more effective than most traditional digital marketing tactics, and 75 percent of marketers say they’ve allocated a portion of their budgets to influencer marketing.

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If you don’t already have an influencer strategy for your business, you’re a little behind the times. You can still get caught up and even surpass your competition. Follow these tips to create an effective influencer strategy.

Know Your Audience

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is not knowing who your audience is. Many marketers have a vague idea of who they’re trying to sell to. They might define the audience too broadly (“everyone!”). They don’t always pick the best influencers to partner with.

The results range from catastrophic to confusing. A poor brand-influencer partnership leaves most social media users and potential customers scratching their heads. Why did a hamburger chain partner with a vegan influencer? Why did the influencer partner with the chain?

The key is knowing your audience. The hamburger chain doesn’t want to connect with vegans in all likelihood (unless it’s introducing a new vegan menu option). Knowing your audience helps you avoid partnership mismatches. It also allows you to reach the people who are likely to support your brand or buy your product.

Sign up for an Influencer Marketing Platform

It can also be difficult to find influencers, even if you know your audience fairly well. Suppose you want to market vegan health products to young men involved in sports and fitness. You might have a bit of trouble locating the “right” influencers for your brand, even if there are many influencers who reach your target audience.

An influencer marketing platform can help you locate and connect with influencers. In fact, using an influencer marketing platform is a staple of any effective strategy. Most influencers believe a platform is the best way to connect with brands, so you’ll have more success finding them this way.

Keep Your Influencer Strategy Fresh

What does influencer marketing mean to you? For most people, it means offering a free product to the influencer in exchange for a review.

While this is usually the basis of a campaign, an effective influencer marketing strategy will incorporate many more activities and tactics! Social media shout-outs, giveaways, event invites, and so much more can be included in your strategy. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Influencer marketing is still evolving, but the “tried and true” will quickly become staid and boring. Keep it fresh.

Where Are You?

Another important consideration in devising your influencer strategy is to decide where you’ll be present. This depends, in part, on where your audience hangs out. Are they all on Instagram? If nobody uses Twitter, what are you doing over there?

There are many different social media platforms, so trying to cover them all often results in a scattered and confused campaign. Instead, concentrate on those platforms where existing and potential customers congregate. You’ll have more success if you select a few social media platforms instead of trying to be everywhere at once.

Keep Track

Any good influencer strategy will incorporate measures to help you track campaigns and their effectiveness. While you might “know” your influencer campaigns are working, you need hard numbers to back it up.

Return on investment (ROI) is one metric to keep tabs on. Other metrics, such as increases in web traffic or engagement, can help you demonstrate just how effective your influencer strategy is.

Get a Helping Hand

You don’t need to master influencer marketing in a single night. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Help is close at hand. You can use an influencer marketing platform to get started.

A successful strategy is just a few short steps away.

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