Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce Apparel & Accessories

Of all the industries killing it in influencer marketing, apparel and accessories has long been a front runner. Find out what so many DTC fashion brands are doing right—and how GRIN can help your brand do the same.

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Apparel brands on GRIN: By the numbers

Our customer data shows apparel and accessories brands have seen steadily rising metrics leading to increased sales, even in the current global crisis. 

Check out the phenomenal numbers our fashion brands are seeing on average each week.


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Proven influencer marketing strategies that work

Here at GRIN, we’ve worked with some of the top DTC apparel and accessories brands and have seen tons of creative, successful influencer campaigns along the way. Here are a few of their strategies proven to be effective—even in a crisis.

Partner for a cause.

Team up with a creator who shares your social values and runs sales for a cause you care about. You might donate one product for every one purchased, for example. You’ll not only drive sales but also build a positive brand image in the process.

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Run secret sales.

Make audiences feel like they’re “in” on something special by creating secret sales, where creators send an exclusive invitation to their followers. 

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Partner for promos.

Give your creator partners higher discounts on promo codes to share with their followers. You’ll see an uptick in sales due to creators’ ability to reach and persuade their audience to take advantage of an enticing promotion.

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Slim down sales.

Short, time-sensitive sales for apparel and accessory brands see huge returns. These "slim sales" use creators to promote an allotted time slot for their audience to take action, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency for buyers.

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Connect with the right creators.

It’s not all about follower count. Brands who connect with creators who are truly a good fit for their brand are more likely to produce authentic content that resonates with audiences and builds real brand love.

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Resources to inspire your influencer program

Still mulling over your plan of attack for your apparel or accessory brand? Take a look at a few hand-picked resources from our team.

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