Influencer Marketing for Beauty and Personal Care Brands

In the lineup of industries that are killing it in Influencer Marketing, Beauty and Personal Care has been a front runner in the success. GRIN has put together industry insights, strategy tips and resources to give you the competitive edge you need in the DTC beauty market. 

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Industry Snapshot

GRIN collected performance metrics and data across our customer platforms and found leaders in usage, engagement and influencer marketing success across the board. 

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Beauty and Personal Care brands have seen steadily rising metrics that have led to increased sales, even in the current global crisis. Check out the phenomenal numbers our Beauty brands are seeing on average each week.


Proven Influencer Strategies That Work

GRIN knows influencer marketing. We've worked with some of the top eCommerce Beauty and Personal Care brands out there and have seen many creative, successful influencer campaigns along the way.

Check out these real-life, proven strategies for eCommerce Beauty and Personal Care brands that work - even in a crisis.


Partner with influencers and sponsor hashtag challenges across social media platforms with creative engagement ideas that asks your audience to engage and repost. 


Track ROI and content analytics as you initiate each campaign. Watch as your reporting gives you live reporting on each and every post with GRIN.

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Leverage influencer partnerships on social platforms such as TikTok and create video campaigns based on your customers' real life experiences with your brand and product.


Use GRIN's influencer search engine of over 32M to find authentic influencers, access outreach templates and manage influencer relationships relationships.


No need for expensive photoshoots. Expand your content portfolio and supercharge your influencer programs to produce authentic content at minimal cost. 


Manage, track and repurpose all of your organically created content in one place. Filter by color, style and create visual campaigns that convert with GRIN.

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Partner with beauty influencers that offer easy to follow tutorials. Offer the tutorials to customers and followers and ask them to post content of their final looks, creating endless authentic content.


Activate unlimited campaigns, manage content and collect real ROI on every single post with GRIN.


Have influencers host live events on Instagram Live such as beauty sessions, tutorials and conversations that will bring about massive brand awareness. 


Manage all your marketing partnerships and events with real time reporting, analytics, and powerful communications tools using GRIN.

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The reporting processes has cut down on our man hours and simplified the communication aspect of influencer marketing. Contravent is an ad agency still hustling in start up mode, I dig that Grin is as well and we are able to grow together. I love that we make suggestions and we see them come to fruition, which would be unlikely with a more established company.

Olivia Bergmann

Marketing Manager at Contravent

Looking for beauty and personal care influencers for your campaigns?

Check out these top influencers in the beauty and personal care space. Use GRIN's powerful influencer search tool to find top performing influencer lookalikes and GRIN's all-in-one communication features to recruit and build relationships with influencers that are the perfect fit for your brand.

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