Influencer Marketing for Beauty & Personal Care Brands

The rise of influencer marketing has made countless ecommerce beauty and personal care brands famous—and rich. Find out how they’re doing it and how GRIN can support you on the same path to success.

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DTC beauty brands on GRIN: By the numbers

Take a look at the performance metrics and data of beauty brands on GRIN and you’ll find some impressive figures—in spite of the tricky times we’re currently living in. 

Check out the great numbers our beauty and personal care brands are seeing on average each week.


Generated pieces of content


Engagements per content piece


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New influencer partnerships


Engaged prospects



Proven influencer marketing strategies that work

Here at GRIN, we’ve worked with some of the top ecommerce beauty and personal care brands and have seen tons of creative, successful influencer marketing campaigns along the way. Here are a few of their strategies proven to be effective—even in a crisis.


The beauty world offers so many ways for audiences to express and share their creativity. Partner with creators and sponsor hashtag challenges across social media platforms with creative engagement ideas that invite audiences to engage and repost.

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Share the experience.

Consumers want to know what it’s like to use your product, and creators provide the perfect platform for doing just that. Leverage creator partnerships on social platforms such as TikTok and create video campaigns that showcase customers' real-life experiences with your products.

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Embrace free content.

Just because you’re a beauty brand doesn’t mean you need to rely on expensive professional photoshoots. Consumers today want authenticity over anything else. So supercharge your influencer programs to produce striking, real content (without the hefty photoshoot price tag).

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Team up for tutorials.

Creators can be the ultimate guides to using your product. Partner with beauty creators who offer easy-to-follow tutorials to teach customers how to get a certain look. Have them invite followers to share pics of their own results, creating endless authentic content.

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Go live.

It’s a no-brainer to leverage live video, which gets more engagement than the standard upload. Have creators host live events on Instagram Live such as beauty sessions, tutorials, and conversations to bring more awareness to your brand.

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Resources to inspire your influencer program

Still mulling over your plan of attack for your beauty or personal care brand? Take a look at a few hand-picked resources from our team.

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