Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce Food & Beverage Brands

It’s no secret that influencer marketing has catapulted the success of countless food and beverage brands. Find out what they’re doing right—and how GRIN can help you follow in their digital footsteps.

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Food & beverage brands on GRIN: By the numbers

Take a peek behind the GRIN curtain and you’ll see our food and beverage customers are making an impressive impact with influencer marketing, even in spite of the current global situation.

Check out the great numbers our F&B brands are seeing on average each week.


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Proven influencer marketing strategies that work

Here at GRIN, we’ve worked with some of the top ecommerce food and beverage brands and have seen tons of creative, successful influencer campaigns along the way. Here are a few of their strategies proven to be effective—even in a crisis.

Host virtual tastings.

Online tastings, in-home cooking events, and digital dining are where it’s at these days. Create an event and partner with foodies and chef creators to participate and/or share invitations to their followers. Sweeten the offer with a promo or discount and you’ve got a winning recipe.

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Get people talking about your brand with a creative hashtag campaign that incentivizes sharing. Have audiences plate their own creations to win a prize or tag their friends who deserve a gift. Enlisting creators will extend your reach and get the word out for maximum participation.

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Commission a taste test.

Not everyone can try before they buy, so a review from a trusted creator can go a long way. Partner with vloggers and bloggers to review your product on their platform or use it in creative dishes. Offer affiliate links and promotional codes to their audiences and track success.

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Whip up a recipe.

What can you create with your products? Offer delicious recipes that feature your food or beverage or pair well with it. Create evergreen content by asking creators to share your recipes, reproduce them, and share with their followers.

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Go green.

While many food and beverage brands can’t help but create waste, you can team up with creators to offer solutions. Ask your ambassadors to create fun and environmentally friendly alternatives to throwing away finished products with fun DIY content pieces that can be shared across social channels.

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Resources to inspire your influencer program

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