GRIN + MCoBeauty Case Study

How Australia’s fastest-growing beauty brand leverages creators to drive retail and conquer new markets

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Success Story

MCoBeauty is Australia’s leading luxe-for-less, cruelty-free beauty brand. As a retail-led company, most of MCoBeauty’s sales come from the shelves of over 1,000 brick-and-mortar locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company prioritizes influencer marketing to support its retail and online sales, and plans to scale its program as it targets expansion into the United States.

Each month, MCoBeauty averages about:


Successful creator campaigns


Active creator partnerships


Creator-generated content pieces

the challenge

Finding success at home and abroad

MCoBeauty has experienced exponential growth in Australia since its focus on influencer marketing in 2022. And with its plan to conquer new international markets relying so heavily on the influencer marketing team, MCoBeauty needs to ensure the program keeps running smoothly. 

To get the most out of their efforts, MCoBeauty needs a way to:

  • Organize creator content and easily repurpose content.
  • Simplify the time-consuming product shipping process. 
  • Track content performance, conversions, and traffic. 
  • Report on the success of its expansion efforts.
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“We have invested so much time and effort into getting our [influencer marketing] processes right, and [GRIN] is going to allow us to be able to scale what we’re doing.”

— Nicole Roberts, Influencer Marketing Manager at MCoBeauty

the solution

A platform built to scale

MCoBeauty relies on GRIN’s leading Creator Management platform to get more done in less time so the team can focus their energy on big-picture expansion goals.

With GRIN, MCoBeauty has access to:

the results


MCoBeauty’s ambitious expansion goals require a creator management platform built for rapid growth. With its ability to streamline complex and tedious workflows, GRIN ensures the MCoBeauty team has every tool they need to plant their flag in new markets as a trusted “luxe for less” solution.

“So much of our business relies on the influencer marketing team. And infiltrating into the social media space, with support from GRIN, has been a lot of what has helped us achieve such incredible growth and such success.” — Nicole Roberts, Influencer Marketing Manager at MCoBeauty

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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