GRIN + Stio Influencer Marketing Case Study

How a single end users recruits and manages a vast affiliate network

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Success Story

Stio was founded to inspire connection with the outdoors through beautiful, functional products infused with mountain soul. It draws inspiration from everyday immersion in life in Jackson Hole: days on local rivers, trails, and Teton summits. Technical performance, quality and versatility are hallmarks you’ll find in every piece of apparel Stio makes—be it intended for epic alpine pursuits or the quieter moments of mountain life.

In less than two years, Stio has accumulated:


active creators per season


pieces of creator content

2+ Hours Saved

per day on creator prospecting

12.9 Million+


the challenge

Building an advanced affiliate influencer program with basic tools

Harlee Siegel spent about 4-5 hours per day scouring Instagram for creators when she first started Stio’s affiliate influencer program. The program itself was hosted on AvantLink. It didn’t take long for Harlee to discover that her affiliate management platform and barebones creator discovery methods simply wouldn’t enable the program to reach its full potential. 

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“I’m in GRIN all day every day. It has really become the hub for me to manage the entire affiliate workflow.”

— Harlee Siegel, Performance Marketing Channel Manager at Stio

the solution

Best-in-class software for every step of the affiliate marketing process

GRIN had everything Stio needed to bypass its affiliate influencer marketing roadblocks. With the industry’s leading creator management platform, Harlee could lock down talented creators quickly and run the entire program at scale.

  • A multi-channel creator discovery solution for finding hundreds of brand-aligned creators—fast.
  • The ability to manage multiple seasonal campaigns simultaneously.
  • Custom product offerings and streamlined fulfillment and tracking for each affiliate. 
  • The option for creators to send followers straight to a specific product page from their affiliate link.
  • A dedicated CSM that operates as an extension of Harlee’s own team. 
  • Streamlined creator experiences that make each of Stio’s affiliates feel like a VIP.

the results

Eight-figure impressions and counting…

Thanks to GRIN’s advanced affiliate marketing capabilities, Harlee has no problem managing Stio’s affiliate influencer roster. And with the Creator Discovery Suite, that roster is stocked with talented creators, many of whom have committed to multiple campaigns with the brand. 

Since launching the affiliate influencer marketing program, Stio has seen:

  • ~300 active creators per season
  • 8,000+ pieces of content generated
  • 12.9 million+ impressions
  • 2+ hours per day saved on creator prospecting

What’s next for Stio?

In the coming year, Harlee hopes to double the number of creators in Stio’s affiliate influencer program. She also plans to extend the strategy into TikTok. She’ll rely heavily on the Creator Discovery Suite to source those creators and will continue to use GRIN’s advanced affiliate marketing capabilities to run the entire operation and keep her creator relationships thriving.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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