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Getting Started with Influencer Marketing: Chapter Six

Chapter Six: Performance Analysis, a complate series wrap up where we show you how to track the success of your program

In the final chapter of our 0 to 100 Getting Started with Influencers playbook we cover performance analysis and reporting.

After campaigns are activated and influencers are working with your team, it is pivotal to understand the KPIs and metrics you will need to measure, and how to measure them to ensure you are identifying your ROI.

The chapter six toolkit covers it all

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Earned Media

GRIN_Ch1 toolkit_icons_156x138_budget outline

Paid Media

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Performance Analysis

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Join the conversation and watch the replay of our 0 to 100 series chapter one, getting started with influencer marketing.

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"There are so many different little nuances in influencer marketing from the very beginning of the campaign to the very end, on the individual influencer level and at the macro campaign level."

-Ethan Frame, Senior Manager Influencer Marketing,

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