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Welcome to chapter three of GRIN's 0 to 100 series, getting started with influencer marketing.

Join our web series with Ethan Frame as we move step by step through how to get your influencer marketing program up and running. Use our chapter toolkits to follow along and watch our webcasts for live Q&A's.

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Download the full 0 to 100 Chapter Three toolkit to help guide you through influencer commissions and setting the right budget for your influencer marketing program.

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Ethan Frame is a notable pioneer in the world of influencer marketing for eCommerce brands.  Currently, he is the Senior Manager of Influencer Marketing and Business Development at MVMT, where he is responsible for overseeing their remarkably successful influencer program.

Ethan boasts 8+ years of experience in digital marketing, with his knowledge spanning multiple fields, including social media, search and display, podcast/streaming audio, and affiliate marketing.  He is a first-mover in the world of influencer marketing, which can be attributed to his efforts in building MVMT’s renowned influencer program during the channel’s early days. The influencer marketing strategies and best practices he developed at MVMT can be seen replicated throughout the world of influencer marketing to this day. 

Ethan is from the San Francisco Bay Area and attended college at San Diego State University.  He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  For more information about Ethan or to get in touch, you can find him on LinkedIN →

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