Everything You Need to Know About Twitch Influencer Marketing

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When it comes to influencer marketing, most of us just look at the top 2-4 social media platforms. While Instagram remains in the lead, the attention of marketers is starting to expand  to other platforms including Twitch.

But before we get into Twitch influencer marketing, let’s first take a look at a brief introduction to Twitch.

Introduction to Twitch

Twitch is a social media platform that allows users to upload videos of themselves to share with their audiences. Anyone who owns a phone, gaming console, or computer can upload a video of themselves.

It initially started out as a platform that allowed people to show off their gameplays online. While gaming remains the focus of the platform today, there are a host of other video categories available as well.

Today, this Amazon-acquired company allows people to watch the streamers do practically anything. From cooking and gaming to podcasting and painting, there’s lots to see on Twitch. As a user, you also have the option of following the streamers to get notified whenever they go live.

Twitch has 15 million daily active users as of today, and 140 million monthly active users. Among these, there are tons of users who have built a loyal fan following over the years. Due to this reason, they are starting to catch the attention of marketers, brands and media outlets.

Twitch is a lot like YouTube Gaming. However, it’s focus lies solely on community experience. The feeds of the users have no sponsored links nor do they use any algorithms to show specific content.

The only notifications that Twitch users get are when the streamers they follow start streaming. Twitch is mainly a live streaming platform. That makes it different from YouTube Gaming, which is more passive. It also includes live chat, which allows users to communicate in real time.

While both platforms do show ads, on Twitch, it is done in a more natural manner. It has tremendous engagement too, with over 15 million daily unique visitors, who watch an average of 95 minutes daily!

Let’s now take a look at what exactly Twitch influencer marketing is.

What is Twitch Influencer Marketing?

Twitch influencer marketing is similar to influencer marketing campaigns on other platforms. The major difference here is that the influencer promotions are in a live video format rather than an image or a video.

Additionally, most of the content on Twitch is related to gaming. And influencer marketing is extremely effective in the gaming niche. Brands collaborate with the top streamers on Twitch to reach out to their target audiences. If your product provides some real value to the users on Twitch, they may be a receptive audience. Some marketers get in touch with streamers via email for collaboration.

There are various types of promotions that happen on Twitch. They include shout-outs, giveaways, and the unboxing of products.

You should keep in mind that the majority of the audience on Twitch is male. In fact, about 82% of Twitch users are male. About 55% of those users are between the ages of 13 and 34. This makes Twitch influencer marketing the perfect option for brands targeting those audiences.

Brands on Twitch

Many popular gaming brands are using Twitch influencer marketing to reach their audiences. This makes sense as most of the platform’s content revolves around gaming.

However, due to the expansion of the platform, many non-gaming brands have also entered into the space.

Brands On Twitch Influencer Marketing
Brands On Twitch Influencer Marketing

Image viaMedium

KFC, for instance, collaborated with Dr. Lupo to advertise their chicken wings. Similarly, Gillette collaborated with Dr. Disrespect to promote their range of razors to the male audience.

Why Twitch?

As a marketer, you may be wondering why you should choose Twitch over other social media platforms. The main reason to choose Twitch influencer marketing is its growth rate.

TwitchTracker stated that there were about 590,000 daily concurrent viewers in 2016 on Twitch. However, by 2018, this number nearly doubled to 1,070,000 concurrent viewers daily.

Today, it’s about 1,245,271. With such tremendous growth, brands are quickly jumping on board to reach this audience.

Twitch Tracker Influencer Marketing
Twitch Tracker Influencer Marketing

Image via TwitchTracker

Many brands still haven’t moved to Twitch which could mean it’s a great time for you to embrace this platform and become an early adopter before the space becomes oversaturated.

Another reason to try Twitch influencer marketing is the fact that all of your promotions will be live promotions. On other platforms, promotions are 1-dimensional. Once the content is published, the promotion is pretty much over. The only engagement that your post can get is a few likes and comments.

However, on Twitch, with live streaming, the audience and the streamer are both equally engaged in the promotion. The entire promotion takes place in real time and audiences can ask questions about it while it’s occurring.

In such a scenario, the whole environment revolves entirely around your product throughout the promotion. This gives you heightened engagement with your target audience, which you may not get on other platforms.

Apart from the high engagement, the connection between the viewers and the streamers is much higher on Twitch. As stated above, viewers spend approximately 95 minutes a day watching the streamers they follow.

Due to the live chat option, the streamers are able to interact with their audiences directly. This means more messages going back-and-forth between them than on other social media platforms.

This level of interaction creates a deeper connection between the streamers and their audiences. This, in turn, leads to a higher level of influence. Due to this, there is a higher likelihood of the audience following product recommendations from the streamers.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, Twitch is growing at a very fast rate. The earlier you jump into the Twitch influencer marketing space, the better your results could be. With Twitch, you have the chance to form deeper relationships with streamers, and as an early adopter, do so before other brands.

The high engagement rates and stronger relationships between the streamers and viewers is an added advantage. In addition, the large number of millennial males on the platform makes it an ideal place to advertise for any brand that’s targeting them.

Have you tried Twitch influencer marketing before? If so, tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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