Essential Toolkit for Influencer Management

The only toolkit any influencer manager will ever need. Take a peek at resources that will help you define, create and launch epic campaigns, recruit influencers, evaluate results and invest in winners. Download the Essential Influencer Management Toolkit!


Scale your campaign using metrics that matter to you

Research is key when finding the right influencers to grow your marketing campaign. But keep in mind that while the influencer is important, their audience is who you are really targeting. This guide will help you to nail down those influencers and allow you to find the ones who already have a genuine relationship with your ideal buyer.

With this toolkit you will be able to ...

  • Define and create killer campaigns
  • Identify and recruit the best influencers
  • Launch influencer campaigns that convert
  • Properly evaluate all campaign results
  • Evaluate metrics and scale your winning campaigns

With a clear plan and the right tools, the sky's the limit

Scaling your influencer marketing team is a huge step for your brand, and the decisions you make at this stage will greatly impact the long-term future of your program. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating.


All the resources you need for your influencer program

GRIN has got you covered with every resource you need to set up and influencer marketing program, manage your creators, build long-term creator partnerships, and gain true ROI on all your influencer marketing programs.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.