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One powerful hub for your
entire influencer marketing program

GRIN puts every aspect of your influencer marketing program at your fingertips, empowering you to own it every step of the way

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Discover creators.

GRIN gives you the tools to build a diverse recruitment strategy across every platform to find the faces who are just right for your brand.

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Manage relationships.

From emailing creators to shipping products to repurposing content, GRIN makes the day-to-day management of influencer marketing easy.

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Report & track ROI.

One of the most comprehensive reporting tools around, GRIN shows you everything from individual metrics to ROI of your entire influencer program.

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Manage all your creator relationships
in one place.

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Streamline your
creator management with GRIN

Whether you’re activating creators, social opinion leaders, customer advocates or affiliates, GRIN helps you manage all your marketing relationships, all in one place.

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GRIN integrates everything into one, refreshingly intuitive suite, allowing my team to accomplish much more in a fraction of the time.

Greg Connolly

Founder & CEO at Trifecta

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I have gone from 1.5 employees managing our influencer program to .5 employees all while tripling the amount of partnerships.

Keri O’Brien

Director of Marketing
and Sales at Darn Good Yarn

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Finding GRIN was one of the biggest tools for our business to scale. We were able to take this one sales channel of influencer marketing and make it multiple sales channels.

Andrea Faulkner Willams

Co-Founder & CEO at Tubby Todd

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Bring your ecommerce shop & influencer marketing together.

Ship products & know when they arrive, create & manage discount codes, pay creators’ commission on sales, & so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GRIN empowers its users to overcome the challenges of running and scaling an influencer marketing program by helping them find the right influencers, manage relationships with each, track every post, and measure associated sales and ROI. 

GRIN’s all-in-one Creator Management platform makes executing influencer marketing seamless, from recruiting to fulfilling product orders to attributing revenue to pulling in content. As a software solution, GRIN helps brands build direct relationships with their influencers, eliminating the middlemen seen in traditional influencer networks.

GRIN’s Live URLs help brands provide an inclusive experience for creators by letting them see campaign requirements, choose the products they want to promote, fill out shipping and payment info, and submit proposals.

With GRIN, creators get: 

  • Access to “under the hood” metrics, such as engagement rate, possible fake followers, audience insights, and more
  • Numerous payment options to get paid on time in a way that works best for them
  • Hand-picked products to include in content and promote
  • More efficient communication from brand partners

The Grow With GRIN website also gives creators access to valuable resources for growing their personal brand, referral opportunities, and more. 

GRIN users can view all third-party integrations and request new integrations by visiting the App Marketplace.

Current software integrations include: 

  • Box
  • DocuSign 
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive 
  • Instagram 
  • Klaviyo
  • Magento 
  • Outlook
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Shopify 
  • Shopify Plus 
  • Slack
  • WooCommerce

GRIN saves its users an average of 61 hours per month versus a manual approach to influencer marketing. 

GRIN’s all-in-one Creator Management platform helps users save time on:

  • Discovering new influencers
  • Creator outreach and follow-up
  • Organizing creator applications
  • Negotiating rates and terms
  • Fulfilling product requests
  • Tracking revenue
  • Viewing posted content
  • Reporting results
  • Distributing and repurposing UGC
  • Paying creators and filing tax documents

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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Supercharge Your Influencer Discovery Efforts

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Compare the Time of a Manual Process vs. GRIN
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