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The majority of us are guilty of having too many brown packages with that black swoopy arrow on them delivered to our doorstep. If you’ve been living under a rock, I’m talking about Amazon, and no, not the river in South America.

I’m referring to the online powerhouse Amazon, which has been dominating the US ecommerce market by 37.8 percent, according to LinkedIn. Amazon utilizes various strategies to encourage people to buy products, including leveraging Amazon influencers.

So, you can blame those very persuasive, very knowledgeable Amazon influencers for all the cardboard boxes piling up at your doorway. 

Joking aside, there’s no shortage of influencers. In this blog, we’ll explain how to collaborate with Amazon influencers effectively, enabling you to leverage them for your brand.

What are Amazon influencers?

Amazon influencers are individuals who partner with Amazon and cultivate a social media following by reviewing, creating tutorials, or offering recommendations—all centered around Amazon products. Have you ever browsed through Amazon and wished you had guidance on which products to choose? That’s where Amazon influencers come into play!

The Amazon Influencer Program provides a platform for these individuals, enabling influencers with a certain number of followers to collaborate with Amazon and promote its products. 

Here’s how it works: influencers receive a dedicated storefront, essentially a mini online store, where they showcase their favorite products, making it simpler for their followers to discover them. When a follower purchases items from the influencer’s storefront, the influencer earns a commission. 

This arrangement benefits both the influencer and Amazon, while customers gain product recommendations from a trusted influencer source.

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How to find Amazon Influencers

    1. Hashtags are your bestie: Looking up Amazon related hashtags on social media like TikTok and Instagram will instantly get you connected to an Amazon Influencer. Type in hashtags such as:
      • #Amazonfinds
      • #Amazonhome
      • #AmazonMusthaves
      • #Amazoninfluencer
      • #Amazonprime
      • #founditonamazon 
      • #amazonfashion 
      • #amazonsyle 
      • #amazondeals 
      • #amazonhaul
    2. Shop by interest: Amazon offers a feature that allows users to explore various categories and view photos and videos from influencers showcasing products. This feature seamlessly connects users with influencers, providing instant access to their content.

Best practices for running an Amazon influencer program

    1. Influencer Hunt: Discover influencers who mirror your brand’s vibe, your target demographic and values. Don’t forget to look for those engagement rates, to see if they are authentic or not, and relevance to your niche.
    1. Communication is KEY:  Share your campaign goals, content guidelines, and expectations with the influencers. Then, provide them with a space for creative freedom while ensuring their content aligns perfectly with your brand’s message and values.
    1. Let’s just be real: We all know that social media users crave authenticity and it can give someone the ick if someone isn’t themselves while promoting a product. Influencers should be encouraged to create authentic content that resonates with your brand and their audience members. 
    1. Elephant in the room (compensation): Clarity is key when it comes to discussing compensation and contacts.When negotiating payment and the contract, be sure to establish an outline stating deadlines, deliverables and payment terms. 
    1. Keep Tabs: The numbers don’t lie, and using tracking tools and metrics like Google Analytics on the influencers’ campaign can provide an opportunity to check the engagement and see what works and what isn’t working.

Top Amazon influencers to follow right now 

1. Lexie Learmann

Meet Lexie Learmann, the ultimate health and wellness guru and lifestyle trendsetter! Step into her storefront and get ready to shout “fit check!” From chic outfits to meal prep essentials that’ll keep you on your toes with your fitness goals, Learmann has all your bases covered in style.
Link to storefront:

2. Leena Snoubar

Leena Snoubar’s Amazon storefront is a treasure trove of modest fashion, beauty essentials, home decor, and family-friendly finds. She’s recently collaborated with Amazon’s The Drop program, where influencers team up to curate exclusive collections for a limited time. Snoubar’s latest release is a delightful blend of feminine charm, modesty, and neutral hues perfect for the spring season. Crafted with Eid celebrations in mind, her collection exudes elegance and versatility for all occasions.
Link to storefront:

3. Melanie Turner

In Melanie Turner’s storefront, the focus is on living luxuriously without busting your budget. With a dazzling array of decor and stylish yet affordable finds, Melanie is determined to help you celebrate every moment without overspending.
Link to storefront:

4. Dave and Sissy

Need a review on Amazon gadgets? Dave and Sissy, the dynamic couple on TikTok, got you covered with their entertaining reviews of Amazon gadgets. From ingenious car cup holders that expand to fit any size cup (ideal for Stanley enthusiasts) to nifty egg peelers, they’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest finds.
Link to storefront:

5. Penny Vahka

Step into Penny Vahka’s storefront and get ready to slay any occasion with style and glamor. With a stunning collection of wigs and show-stopping heels, this queen has everything you need to look snatched and fabulous.
Link to storefront:

Key takeaway: Integrate Amazon Influencers into your next creator marketing campaign. 

If you’re a business owner, it’s worth considering collaborating with Amazon influencers. Just look around—you can’t go far without seeing a convoy of Amazon trucks, a testament to their ubiquitous presence. 

Amazon isn’t just a trend; it’s here to stay. Amazon influencers add a unique blend of fun and authenticity that resonates with their audience. By leveraging their influence, they bring more eyes to your products and brand, amplifying your reach and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find an Amazon influencer you follow, you can search on Amazon a product you remember to get to the influencer’s storefront or  explore the Amazon’s Influencer pages.

Yes, Amazon influencers get paid with each commission they earn when someone purchases an item from their Amazon storefront.

Amazon influencers leverage their social media presence to promote Amazon products and earn commissions through the Amazon Influencer Program when followers make purchases from their curated storefronts. In contrast, Amazon affiliates promote products using affiliate links on websites or social media platforms, earning commissions from purchases made through their links.

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