Influencer Marketing Best Practices

Engaging stories packed with insights for all influencer marketers

Our GRIN champions share their tips, trends, and techniques on using creator partnerships to drive sales and brand awareness, lower customer acquisition costs, produce lifestyle content, and so much more.

Engaging stories packed with insights for all influencer marketers 1

Top DTC and ecommerce brands have in common: successful influencer programs, deep creator-brand relationships, and a passion for authentic content.

Pinterest has one of the strongest bases of dedicated daily followers, yet is one of the more underutilized platforms in the world of influencer marketing. It features unique content options to increase engagement rates and allow the option to partner with influencers for more authentic content.

What’s inside …

This eBook is filled with useful tips, trends, and techniques from some of today’s top DTC and ecommerce brands including:

  • Organifi
  • Every Man Jack
  • Tubby Todd
  • Lume Cube
  • Cuts Clothing
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Let your brand love flow into engaged creator communities.

Successful brands take their partnerships seriously and nurture direct, one-on-one relationships with their favorite creators. When a creator loves your brand, they will be excited to promote you to their audience. This eBook will show you how the best of the best made that happen.

Engaging stories packed with insights for all influencer marketers 2

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GRIN has got you covered with every resource you need to set up and influencer marketing program, manage your creators, build long-term creator partnerships, and gain true ROI on all your influencer marketing programs.

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