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"There’s so many different nuances to influencer marketing from the beginning of the campaign until the very end on the individual influencer level and the macro campaign level you truly do need a software that helps streamline it." -Ethan Frame, Director of Influencer Marketing

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GRIN “Gets” Influencer Marketing

MVMT Watches disrupted the overpriced and outdated models of the fashion industry, bringing its customers quality, minimalist designs and radically fair prices. The fashion-forward brand saw incredible success by creating meaningful relationships with their influencers and producing authentic media that transcended the traditional forms of advertising. 

mvmt influencer marketing software case study

MVMT streamlined their workflow

Offering email, product fulfillment, discount codes, affiliate links, reporting, content analysis, filtering options, and list curation, GRIN took spreadsheets MVMT previously used to manage influencers and created an all-in-one influencer relationship management platform that was leveraged to transform influencer marketing efficiency and increase sales.

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MVMT uses GRIN to find and reach out to influencers that match their top performers. 

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The brand was able to move out of spreadsheets and manage their 100s of influencers in GRIN.

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The MVMT influencer program has scaled to one of the best examples of influencer marketing done right.

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