GRIN + Trestique Case Study

How brand love led to a 250%+ Black Friday sales increase for this sustainable beauty brand

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Success Story

Trestique is a sustainable beauty brand offering clean, zero-waste makeup kits and essentials. Its mission is to create solution-based makeup products that empower consumers with time-saving and sustainable routines they can feel good about. By partnering with influencers who align with its values, Trestique generated genuine brand love that translated into record sales and conversions. 

Trestique’s 2-week Black Friday campaign generated:


increase in influencer link clicks


increase in revenue from its previous beauty influencer campaigns

the challenge

The 2-week Black Friday campaign

With just two weeks to execute its campaign, Trestique didn’t have a second to waste. It needed a way to identify relevant creators, perform outreach and lock down partnerships quickly, collect content, and report on results. For Trestique, there was only one solution to get everything done in such a small window.

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the goal

Educate and execute.

Trestique broke its campaign into two parts. Its influencers spent the first week posting static and Reel content to introduce Trestique’s campaign and products. The posts also built excitement for the second week of the campaign, which consisted of IG Live events to educate and drive sales for the holiday promotion. 

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“We were noticing that the beauty influencers just weren’t converting. That was the number one goal that we were looking to solve with this campaign by switching from beauty creators who were talking about products from other brands every single day to finding people who are lifestyle-oriented and only talk about us and maybe one or two other brands.”

– Dayna Lawrence, Assistant Manager of Social Media and Brand Partnerships at Trestique

the solution

A platform to get more done in less time

Trestique relied on GRIN as its all-in-one Creator Management platform to help build, execute, and report results from its Black Friday campaign. Thanks to GRIN, Trestique was able to identify creators quickly. From there, the brand communicated goals and expectations to each of them to start the content creation process as soon as possible. The partnerships exceeded the brands expectations, which the team could see in real time through GRIN’s intuitive reporting features.

  • Content management – Trestique used GRIN to identify the best creators it worked with in the past and invite them on to the Black Friday campaign.
  • Streamlined communication – GRIN integrated with Trestique’s email provider, making communication a breeze. The team also built email templates to communicate with all its creators at once with a single click. 
  • Affiliate links – Trestique used GRIN to create affiliate links. With the click of a button, the brand had all of the link analytics at its fingertips. 
  • Campaign reporting – GRIN compiled all of Trestique’s campaign data into an intuitive, easy-to-read chart to deliver to the marketing team.
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the results

Trestique’s best Black Friday campaign to date

Trestique’s 2-week Black Friday campaign generated:

  • 200% increase in influencer link clicks
  • 268% increase in revenue from its previous campaign

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