Blue Wheel Media Influencer Marketing Case Study

How an omnichannel marketing agency makes waves in the beauty and wellness industry

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Success Story

Blue Wheel Media is an omnichannel marketing agency headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan. With a focus on the beauty and wellness industry, Blue Wheel Media helps its clients scale their ecommerce businesses by providing advanced digital marketing, content production, and marketplace advertising solutions. 

the story

A paid creator is a happy creator.

Blue Wheel Media leverages influencer marketing to complement its clients’ overall marketing strategies. In a recent partnership, the agency helped a haircare brand drive sales by leveraging a paid influencer program with more than 100 nano, micro, and macro creators on TikTok and Instagram. After contributing to the paid campaign, each high-performing creator had the option to stay on long-term and earn commission through an affiliate program.

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the goal

Time is money. 

Blue Wheel Media needed the most efficient workflow possible to juggle the goals of its haircare partner, along with other clients relying on the agency to scale their influencer marketing programs. The team also needed a way to provide a detailed overview of campaign success to prove their efforts were working.

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“We tried other influencer softwares before GRIN, but none of them did all of the things we needed. So when I demoed GRIN the first time, I was like, ‘Wait. There is actually [a platform] out there that does all the things we need? How is that possible?’ [GRIN] really checks all the boxes.

Dayna Henninger, Blue Wheel Media Social Media Director

the solution

One tool to rule them all

GRIN’s leading Creator Management platform has all the tools required to help Blue Wheel’s haircare client reach their revenue goals and then some. With everything from streamlined email communications to comprehensive data reporting and more, the agency can dedicate ample time to its entire client roster.

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the results

Exceed the highest expectations. 

Blue Wheel continues to drive impressive revenue numbers for its haircare client while leaving plenty of time to help its other clients scale their programs and grow their brands.


Since February 2022, Blue Wheel has helped its haircare client generate:

  • 130+ creator activations.
  • 165%+ revenue ROI.
  • $2,000+ average revenue per creator.
  • ~4 million overall impressions.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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