How to Get Millennial Influencers to Promote Your New Product

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You’ve got a brand-new product you need to promote. You’ve already started the marketing campaigns, and they’re going to be great. One of the pillars of your campaign is influencer marketing.

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The trick, of course, is getting influencers from the millennial bracket to promote this new product. Whether you already have a few people on your influencer roster, you’ve got a few in mind, or you’re still searching, half the battle will be convincing them to partner with you and promote the product.

So how do you do it?

Who Are Millennial Influencers?

The first thing you need to know is who you’re actually talking to. Just who are these people?

Millennials are the generation born between the 1980s and 2000. They’re also referred to as Gen Y and the baby boom echo, since most of their parents are boomers. Millennials grew up during a time of great technological change. They’re not digital natives who grew up using tablets and smartphones. Rather, Millennials have had to adjust.

Millennials are a large demographic, the largest since the baby boomers, which is part of the reason they have so much influence. They’re also tech savvy and incredibly adaptable. They like to adopt new technologies.

Millennials, and influencers in particular, are socially minded. Those who have adopted social media and gained loyal followings are quite conscious of how much stock their followers put in their opinions. They’re interested in helping those followers make good purchase choices.

Learning to Speak Millennial

Millennials are perhaps the most skeptical generation when it comes to advertising. If they want answers, they’re going to look it up. Most of them are unafraid of research. They tend to be skeptical of branded messages from companies. They’re even leery of celebrity endorsements.

Millennial influencers can be just as skeptical as their consumer peers. In a crowded marketplace, they know it can be difficult to find the best products. They’re unlikely to be swayed by hype and advertising jargon. They want the truth. Why is your product the best and why should they promote it to their followers?

Deliver the Facts (from Third Parties)

Why is your product the best? Many companies make similar claims in their own advertising campaigns, which is why Millennials are so ready to question you. How do you know your product’s the best? What evidence do you have? Can you prove your claim?

Basically, when talking to Millennial influencers, you need to walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk. Don’t pitch a product with a slogan or claim you can’t back up. If you’ve done market research, offer those facts to your potential influencers. Results from tests and studies are also useful.

You can’t keep everything in-house though! Millennials are skeptical of branded messages, remember. If you can only cite numbers and facts your research department came up with, your influencers may not be convinced.

Give Them a Test Drive (and Ask for Input)

If your product is in the development stage still, ask millennial influencers to be part of the product test team. They can try the product before it’s finalized and offer you feedback.

If the product is already slated to hit the market, you can still allow millennial influencers the opportunity to test out the product. If they’re not enthralled, they’ll probably tell you why. They may not want to promote the product, but accepting their feedback is a good step toward building a good relationship and brand reputation.

Build Relationships

The key to working with any influencer is building a relationship. They need to be able to trust your company, just like their followers trust them to recommend a good product.

If you follow these tips, you’ll find the right millennial influencers to promote your new product.

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