How Beauty Brands Can Leverage Influencer Marketing


With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, influencer marketing’s popularity has soared. Many influencers collaborate with both big and small brands to market their products and services to their audiences. However, beauty influencer marketing is one of the biggest success stories of influencer marketing.

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It is common to see many beauty influencers showcasing makeup and cosmetic brands on their social media profiles. And beauty brands generated $11.38 in revenue for every $1.29 spent on beauty influencer marketing in 2017.

Brands use different techniques to promote themselves through beauty influencer marketing. Here’s how you can do it too.

Find Beauty Influencers

The first challenge of beauty influencer marketing is to find beauty influencers. This is a tough task because there are loads of fake beauty influencers on social media who purchase likes and followers.

You need to first find relevant influencers and then sift through them to find the best of the lot. Here are a few of the best ways to find beauty influencers:

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Follow Hashtags

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all use hashtags to sort content. You can come up with a list of relevant hashtags which you can follow. By following them, you’ll be able to see all of the posts that use those hashtags. Additionally, Instagram gives you the option to see the top posts for each hashtag as well. Some of the people who have created the posts may be beauty influencers.

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You should analyze their profiles carefully and notice the engagement on their content. Additionally, you should also look through their content to see if their voice and style match those of your brand. Based on this analysis, you can reach out to the influencers who are the best fit for your campaign.

Another method of finding beauty influencers is by conducting hashtag research. Using a tool such as Hashtagify, you can discover the top influencers for each hashtag and then approach them.

Follow Hashtags Hashtagify

Image viaHashtagify

Influencer Discovery Platforms

The simplest way of finding influencers for your beauty influencer marketing campaigns is by using influencer discovery tools like Grin. With Grin, you can not only find beauty influencers but can also manage your entire beauty influencer marketing campaign.

This fully-integrated platform allows you to conduct influencer outreach and even manage your relationships with them. Additionally, you can pay their fees directly and ship them products too.

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To help you determine whether or not your campaign is successful, you need to track your progress. To make this job easier, Grin shows you important statistics and analytics from your campaign. With them, you’ll be able to determine how well your beauty influencer marketing campaigns are performing as well as their ROI.

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Social Listening

There may be some influencers who are already talking about your brand. To find them, you need to do social listening. This is essentially a method of tracking specific keywords on social media and monitoring who’s using them.

These keywords should be relevant to your brand and should be used by others for beauty influencer marketing. They can include your brand name and other branded keywords as well. You can search for them manually on social media to find people who have posted content using those keywords. Some of them might be beauty influencers.

To make this process easier, you can use social listening tools such as Awario and Brand24. They show you a list of posts when you enter a particular keyword. This can help you discover beauty influencers quickly.


Image viaAwario

To find influential beauty bloggers, you can set up Google Alerts for relevant keywords. It’ll notify you whenever someone uses those keywords and publishes content.

Once you’ve found influencers and connected with them, you can then pitch them a collaboration.

Types of Beauty Influencer Marketing Campaigns

There are a variety of beauty influencer marketing campaigns that you can do in partnership with them. Some of the most popular types are:

Beauty Tutorials

Beauty influencer marketing gives you the opportunity to promote your products through how-to tutorials. Influencers can use your products in how-to videos or blog posts. Not only do they show off their own skills but subtly promote your brand and products through the tutorial too.

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With tutorial videos, influencers usually list all of the products that they’ve used in the caption or video description. Some influencers may just post a final image of the completed look and list the products there.

This type of influencer content often attract many views. And the influencer’s followers may actually purchase your products to get the same look.

Claire Theia regularly creates tutorial videos showing the audience how to create new looks with makeup. She mentions all of the brands that she uses in the caption.

Claire Theia instagram

Image viaInstagram

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One of the best ways through which brands can utilize beauty influencer marketing is favorites posts. In these posts, beauty influencers introduce their favorite beauty products to their audiences.

While this type of post may not promote your products or brand exclusively, you can expect them to promote your products strongly. The strong recommendations that influencers give can help increase your sales.

You can further leverage their reach by asking them to include a link that directs their audience to the product page. This can impact your sales significantly.

For example, many brands collaborate with beauty influencer, Andreea Cristina, to promote their products to her loyal fan-following. In this case, Oh K! partnered with her to promote their moisturizers. This single post has generated over 12000 likes.

Andreea Cristina

Image viaInstagram

Skincare Routine

Beauty influencer marketing doesn’t need to be promotional in nature. You can ask your influencers to create content around their skincare routines. These posts usually give the audience a sneak-peek into the day-to-day lives of the influencers.

This way, the content seems more natural than promotional in nature.

The audience loves to know what their favorite stars use. When they see such a post, they may want to imitate the influencer. This can help boost your sales without being overly promotional.

Nad, a beauty influencer, collaborated with Teami Blends to promote their products by showing her skincare routine. This single beauty influencer marketing post generated over 200k views.

Teami Blends instagram

Image viaInstagram


Giveaways have the potential to generate tremendous engagement and reach. With beauty influencer marketing, you can offer your product as a prize for the giveaway. Their followers can enter the competition to win the product.

The influencer will create content around the product and post it on their account. To increase engagement, they may even ask the audience to tag their friends, follow them and your brand, or even share the post.

Not only will their audience want to register for the giveaway but the winners will also get to try your product. If the winners end up liking your products, they may become customers too.

For example, Vaso Kollida collaborated with Oriflame Greece to promote their products through a giveaway.

Vaso Kollida instagram

Image viaInstagram

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Final Thoughts

No brand can ignore the huge ROI of beauty influencer marketing. Just make sure that you find the best influencers and reach out to them for collaborations.

You can choose between tutorial posts, skincare routines, and favorites to showcase your brand to the influencer’s audience. To further boost your beauty influencer marketing efforts, you can conduct giveaways as well.

Are there other ways brands can leverage beauty influencer marketing? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to download our free influencer outreach email templates

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