Influencer Marketing Podcast

Brands everywhere have discovered influencers to be their secret weapon in digital marketing.

Join the GRIN marketing team as we dive in and discuss all things influencer marketing. In our podcast you will hear us recap and highlight our Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers fireside chat series, get real with influencer marketing #factcheck and more! 

Episode 4: #FactCheck Relationship vs. Relationship

Are you creating the right influencer relationships to scale your influencer marketing programs? Influencer marketing holds immense success among brands, but the brands doing it right understand the difference between transactional relationships and authentic connections between brand, influencer and ultimately the consumer. What makes influencer marketing so powerful is the non-programmatic approach that separates it…
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Episode 3: Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers Organifi + GRIN

It was an incredible turnout and discussion last week with GRIN and Organifi, a plant-based superfood system brand crushing influencer marketing with their affiliate programs. In a unique conversation Organifi talked about their ‘Collective’, a name given to their ambassador program community and how they’ve been able to turn brand love into big sales. The…
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Episode 2: #FactCheck Intro to Influencer Marketing

Need a quick influencer fact check? The GRIN marketing team gets real in our introduction to influencer marketing. What is influencer marketing? How can it be effective? Which types of influencers should brands use for their campaigns? In fact- what different types of influencers are there? If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, we’ll…
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Episode 1: Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers Lume Cube + GRIN

GRIN invited eCommerce lighting brand Lume Cube to sit down [remotely] and discuss their influencer marketing programs and it was a huge success. Everything from getting started with their first influencers to how they’ve managed to scale their business with incredible user-generate content. In GRIN’s first podcast episode our marketing team chats about highlights from…
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