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Katya Allison

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UGC 101: Maximizing creator content for your paid ads

In this episode:

Tyler Berglund & Ashley Solomon

CMO & Head of Brand

Tres Colori is a New York-based DTC jewelry brand that uses data from creator content for a strategic approach to paid ads. Their content strategy focuses on the brand’s social media channels as a collective—not as silos—to execute a paid system that consistently increases revenue and brand awareness.

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Leveraging creator content across the entire marketing funnel

On this episode of the GRIN Gets Real podcast, we sat down to talk user-generated content (UGC) with Tres Colori Head of Brand Ashley Solomon and CMO Tyler Berglund. They shared insights on how they get content rights, leverage UGC, and the importance of working together as a marketing team to execute an omnichannel strategy. 

The best content comes from brand love.

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real podcast: Season 2, Episode 15

“I have a pocket of influencers that I always go to for content. They’ve been my day-ones. I’ve kept them in my pocket and developed great relationships with them, and they are more than happy to create content. I have all the rights to their photos regardless of if it’s a Tres Colori post or not.”

Tres Colori’s marketing strategy thrives on UGC from customers who genuinely love the brand and its products. With an influencer marketing program run on 90% product gifting, Tres Colori executes cost-effective campaigns with high-performing content from its biggest fans. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to find influencers willing to exchange posts from products
  • How to execute effective influencer whitelisting
  • The benefits of working with micro influencers 
  • How to manage relationships with high-performing content creators
  • The best way to approach creator outreach

Quotes from the episode

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“There’s no cap [for bringing on new influencers]. And I think that’s something that’s really important … There’s millions, maybe even a billion influencers. Let’s capture as many as we can. It’s like Pokemon.”

“When you get to that 30k to 100k [followers] mark, people are going to try to take you for a ride. So I would actually recommend starting micro and nano first, build some solid relationships, and then try to invest into bigger influencers to see how it works.”

“Micro influencers want to develop relationships with brands … They are so on board to whatever tasks they’re given. They’re going to do 110% because they want to make sure that they’re delivering and everything is great, so the brand works with them again. They just care so much more.”

“GRIN’s filtration system is pretty wild. And honestly, I was shocked by some of the details that you could sort and filter by since some of the actual features aren’t available on networks like Facebook or Instagram. When you’re just going to target random people, you can set those audience demographics of the creator in GRIN.”


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