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Katya Allison

Director of Marketing Content at GRIN

How to Implement the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Strategy

In this episode:

Matt Wyman

Whisker Manager of New Business & Accessories

Whisker works tirelessly to solve problems and deliver smarter insights for pet parents while enriching the lives of pets. As the leading innovator in pet tech and refined pet accessories, Whisker leverages influencers to help deliver better solutions for its customers while transforming the pet care industry along the way.

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This episode of the GRIN Gets Real podcast is an extension of the Q&A session from our fireside chat with Whisker Manager of New Business & Accessories Matthew Wyman. Matthew gave us the “scoop” on the marketing strategy for the newly released Litter-Robot 4 and discussed how brands with high-dollar products can best partner with influencers. 

Sales aren’t everything when working with content creators. 

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real podcast: Season 2, Episode 16

“With us having a $650 product, it’s not something where we can have an influencer post and see a ton of conversions. Conversions are added bonuses for us. So we want to get people learning about it, get their information, and then retarget them with ads that will ultimately make them convert.”

Whisker has the most success partnering with brand-aligned influencers with a high engagement rate and strong connection with their followers. Those creators help spread awareness for Whisker and its products and generate a list of prospects the brand can later retarget with ads. While sales are a bonus, Whisker’s influencer marketing program is all about building trust and brand love.  

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Whisker formulated its most recent product launch strategy
  • The perfect creator mix for a successful influencer marketing program
  • How to leverage UGC for a full-funnel approach
  • How best to collaborate with influencers when you have a high-dollar product

Quotes from the episode

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“It’s hard to tie directly to revenue when we’re focusing on an awareness campaign. But we know if we launch an influencer campaign, we feel those spikes. We see the benefit of influencer marketing after that campaign is done. And after retargeting people, we can see the movement in our graphs.”

“We would rather work with somebody that has a 10% engagement rate than someone with 50 million followers that has half a percent engagement rate. They both have their pros and cons. But we would push to that person that’s engaging with their followers, and their followers really care about everything that they’re posting.” 

“For long-term partnerships, once you prove you understand our product and you get it, we don’t want to hold your hand. That’s where we can give them the freedom to do what they want.” 

“[Fake influencers were] our problem before GRIN. We don’t have that problem anymore. When we can use a tool that tells you a credibility score, and that score is below a certain number, we’re not interested, and it doesn’t matter what you do. You could say we’re gonna give you 100 videos for the next 100 years, and we still wouldn’t do it. So GRIN has been our solution to make sure that we’re vetting influencers and not working with people that are ruining the influencer space.”

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