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How To Use Video To Create a Connection with Customers and Drive Sales

In this episode:

Rayhan Perera

CEO & Founder at OneDash

Rayhan is CEO and Founder of OneDash, a platform that offers the tools to make any kind of media interactive, helping brands make an instant return on their content investments. A serial entrepreneur, Rayhan has expertise in venture capital, eCommerce strategies, and digital marketing.

Video marketing on social media with rayhan perera

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About OneDash

Founded in November 2017, OneDash is a solution for monetizing video-based media instantly via the use of interactive tools. Its aim is to create a more seamless shopping platform; one that shortens the consumer journey by putting the point of inspiration next to the point of transaction. This creates an environment in which customers can interact with retail outlets in real-time, enhancing engagement, and boosting brand loyalty.

The OneDash platform gives users the ability to upload video, edit their content directly, add sound, integrate social media publishing, and add buttons or overlay for direct product purchasing. Users can then track impressions and gain insights through real-time analytical features.

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“The reason that we decided to go into using video as a medium, and then taking video and making that into a monetized solution was because we feel it’s the most emotional form of marketing… you can get your message out there in a much more concise way.” – Rayhan Perera, OneDash

Video is fast becoming the primary method to reach your customers on social media. Video grabs attention easily and naturally drives interest in your products. But many brands are simply going after a certain number of eyeballs without digging deeper and understanding that the real power of video is when it propels people to take action.

Brands and their influencer partners need to work together to create honest, relatable videos and infuse those videos with tools that allow the viewer to engage immediately with the content and easily gather the information they need to make a purchase. 

When the emotional appeal of video is combined with interactive tools, brands are able to test different approaches and understand what content is working because they’ve introduced a direct connection between the video and the sale.

“We provide [tools] such as direct shopping from a piece of content, so if an influencer releases something on social media, being able to directly purchase those goods and items is such a great testament to how effective that influencer was in their message.” – Rayhan Perera, OneDash


Video Marketing On Social Media

Rayhan Perera is an entrepreneur who believes in connecting brands, especially growing companies, to the most powerful marketing tools available for social media. He created his company, OneDash, to help brands share their message with the power of video and utilize interactive tools that connect customers directly from the experience of the video to the point of transaction. 

In this episode of the Grin Gets Real Podcast Katya from Grin talks with Rayhan about all the ways video is growing and changing, especially as a result of the pandemic, and how brands can be smarter in how they execute their social media marketing campaigns. We got to ask him all sorts of questions from the reasons behind why video is so effective, to specifics on how to create the most engaging types of videos.

Rayhan breaks down the most effective strategies for brands when utilizing video for their influencer marketing and social media campaigns such as:

  • What needs to happen first in order for a video to successfully connect with your prospect.
  • The key elements of making a video interactive for the consumer, and how to maximize different attention spans.
  • The ideal length of a video, depending on the product and platform.
  • The importance of giving influencers access to tools as well as guidance on how to make the best video content for your brand.
  • The most common mistakes people make when they get to the final call to action and how to avoid it.
  • The significance of matching the sound of your video to the demographic you are trying to reach.
  • The reasons why video has become the preferred medium in huge markets like China and India, when reaching the intended audience is the biggest hurdle.
  • Where the exciting future of video is headed on social media.

“Bringing in additional layers of being able to communicate your message or the message that you want to receive…. That is something that is still missing, and that is the way to set yourself apart, no matter what platform you’re going on.” – Rayhan Perera, OneDash

Video works because it so easily connects with people on an emotional level. Rayhan has a keen understanding of what tactics have the biggest impact in creating that connection and how to move a person from inspiration to action. He explains why so many marketers miss out on opportunities because they don’t focus on strategies that actually increase revenue for their clients.

“You want to bring the entire strategy together, using much more informed decisions before you actually go to market… Come to a client and say, Look, I’m going to do this for you. And this is how my past results look like in real time… That’s much more powerful, and that’s much more conducive to getting a long term partnership going.” – Rayhan Perera, OneDash

In this episode Rayhan and Katya break down the role of video and where it is headed in the future. They discuss tactics and strategy in detail so you can apply them to your own video marketing. You’ll gain a better understanding for how to utilize video on platforms like Instagram and live streams and leverage the content to its fullest potential.

You’re going to learn a ton about video marketing… So listen to the podcast now!


Quotes from this Episode


Video marketing on social media with rayhan perera“It’s having that connection and really gathering a following for this live streamer and seeing how they, you know, expose a product, how they interact with it.”


“We live in a society right now where we need to make the journey as short as possible. We don’t want to waste time. So if I’m looking at a piece of content from influencers.. I see how they can just bring that product directly to me, I’m gonna go for that.”


“My hope for the future is that social media platforms bring people together in a way, like with virtual reality with augmented reality, and reintroduce that connectivity for people.”


“We’re seeing a huge range of influencers who just want to do these amazing, very candid, very honest videos, and then be able to put people in touch with those products immediately. That’s something that’s coming up a lot. And I think that’s the type of video that we’re going to be seeing.”

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