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Athletes as Content Creators

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Victoria Unger

Influencer Marketing Coordinator, JOLYN

Insights on how to leverage athletes as content creators for your influencer program 

Victoria Unger is the athlete and influencer marketing coordinator at JOLYN, where she operates the Collegiate Athlete Ambassador Program. Victoria initiated the highly successful program during her first 2 weeks at JOLYN. As the project’s point person, she uses her strong leadership and communication skills to attract athletes and maximize their allure.

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Athletes as content creators: you don’t need famous athletes to make a big impact. 

In fact, JOLYN has seen significant revenue from college athletes with more modest followings. 

“You have these ‘novice’ athletes that want to be there. They want to play these sports. And for them, this is a huge opportunity … It’s not always about having the big fish because those people can be very expensive. It’s about truly finding the right person that represents your brand.”

This, of course, requires a lot of communication at the beginning stages to make sure a brand partnership with a particular athlete will be a win-win situation. Victoria recommends video calls, as this can make these talks more personal.

Aligning your brand with an athlete’s talent builds trust.

The key is authenticity. And collegiate and pro athletes, as Victoria points out, are seen as experts in their field. If they’re recommending something, people will understand that it’s a reputable product. 

“You want to make sure that it is a brand that you do use. Because as an athlete, you are a walking billboard. Everyone is gonna see what you do. It doesn’t matter how big or small of a name you are. People are going to see what you do.” 

Beyond these great insights, Victoria also shares: 

  • Why product gifting is essential for any influencer campaign 
  • The importance of building a community among your content creators 
  • How to give guidance to nano and micro influencers 
  • Why overcommunicating can sometimes be beneficial 
  • And much more! 

Quotes from this episode

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“Truly, athletes, I believe, are very influential because they have talent. They have dedication. They’re hard-working. They kind of offer that, ‘This is what I strive for. This is what I want to be.’ And some of them have the most incredible stories.”

“You want to make sure that both parties are on the same page. As an athlete, you want to make sure that you are aligning with a brand that does best represent who you are, and your goals, and what you want to achieve.” 

“Through these micro influencers, they’ve kind of combined into this mega influencer. Which is quite interesting to see that they can generate more revenue—get more views than a macro influencer.”

“These are first-time collegiate content creators, so it’s definitely a learning curve for them. They’re not professionals, and that’s OK. They’re going to give you that quality, real-life content.”



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