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Using AI to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

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Ella Dillon

Chief customer officer of Conversica

Are intelligent virtual assistants the key to better customer support? 

Ella Dillon is the chief customer officer of Conversica. She possesses deep expertise in customer experience design for fast-growing, pre-IPO SaaS companies rooted in loyalty-driven retention and expansion. 

Before joining Conversica, Ella ran global customer support and global customer success at, supporting their growth through $150M in revenue. Previous to that, Ella was vice president of customer success operations for DocuSign, taking them from a single-product, North American business through IPO. 

Ella is a graduate of Princeton University with executive education from the Stanford University Graduate Hasso Plattner Institute of Design and the University of Washington, and she serves on the Governing Board of the Pacific Science Center.

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Quality artificial intelligence in customer service keeps customers from falling through the cracks. 

When scaling your business, you might not have enough resources to help customers with every action. That’s where AI can come into play. 

“So if you’re a small customer or whatnot, and you’ve sent a note, and your customer success manager hasn’t reached out to you, or they forgot to schedule a meeting, or you didn’t know about the webinar, there’s a certain amount of persistence, consistency, and following-up that’s just easier to do with a virtual assistant that gets the customer what they want, and the follow-through and the follow-up is easier to do with a human.”

But not just any AI will do. Ella shares why your AI is only as good as your investment and how a high-quality AI can improve the customer experience while a poor one can leave customers feeling angry. 

Intelligent virtual assistants can pave the way for frictionless customer experiences. 

In this episode, Ella and Katya discuss how AI and intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) can take the strain off your team while providing a smooth journey for consumers. 

“And I think that people will welcome it because we consider ourselves workforce augmentation. I mean, we’re not here to replace humans. But everybody wants to work smarter, not harder. No one wants to do the same rote activities over and over.” 

With so much competition in the digital landscape, providing subpar experiences can be detrimental to your brand, but Ella shares the basics of what marketers need to know about this innovative technology. 

In this podcast episode, listeners will learn:

  • How marketers can apply AI to every stage of the customer journey, from sales to customer success. 
  • Which elements of the customer experience are best handled by a human and which are best handled by an intelligent virtual assistant. 
  • How to incorporate AI into the DNA of your organization. 
  • And much more! 

Quotes from this episode

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“You know, they’re talking—all these customers every single day. How do you take that and turn that into learning that makes a better product, or better training, or better alignment with sales messaging upfront, so people aren’t misaligned with what they’re actually getting?”

“So there’s a lot of investment in natural language and the human use of it to make sure that we deliver a really good, and valuable, and personal customer experience.”

“From a success perspective, again, at Conversica, we totally use this for ourselves, where if we see a health score, we can actually launch our IVA to reach out to the customer, do discovery, understand what’s going on, so that we can run sort of health playbooks.” 

“True AI, I think, applied to the front-end is when you actually can have this dual-directional conversation without another human.”



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