Influencer Payments.

You’re a marketer, not an accountant. Stay focused on brand building while GRIN handles your creator payments, commissions, and tax compliance.

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“I am able to find new influencers, contact more people – I am not sure where I would be without GRIN. It has been such an instrumental part of our growth.”

– Rachel Davidson, Influencer Marketing Manager at Liquid I.V.

Track all payments made to your creators.

See ya later, spreadsheets. Use our payment trackers to quickly view any creator payments that need to be made, or see all payments previously made to a specific ambassador on your squad.

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Analyze your payment history.

Has your spend with that up-and-coming vegan chef been worth it? Understand your sales-based ROI on individual creators, content, or your entire influencer marketing program with payment history tracking and reporting.

Pay per creator or per campaign.

GRIN makes it a cinch to set rates for specific campaigns or reward your top performing creators. And with our PayPal integration, you can easily pay individual creators for their content or pay at scale to your creator networks.

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Offer discount codes without affiliate leaks.

Have no fear of codes getting leaked. GRIN can help you reconcile commissions for any leaked discount codes and ensure you’re achieving the highest return on your campaigns.

Ensure your programs are tax compliant

Don’t let Uncle Sam spoil your influencer marketing efforts. The detailed tracking within GRIN helps make sure your programs are fully tax compliant and backs you up with well organized documentation.

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Best software for Influencer Marketing!

GRIN allows you to manage and discover new Influencers seamlessly. They are perfect for creating campaigns, allowing influencers to deliver content, and pay commissions. It is the perfect solution for working with all influencer community sizes and social platforms.

– Audrey Van Vark, Influencer Marketing & Event Manager at Lume Cube

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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