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PRESS RELEASE: GRIN Partners with MVMT Watches to Launch an Introduction to Influencer Marketing Playbook


GRIN customers have seen a 91% increase in content engagement and a 63% increase in conversions from their influencer programs by embracing GRIN’s platform

Sacramento, CA. May 14, 2020 — GRIN, the leading and most rapidly growing Influencer Marketing Platform, has teamed up with one of the top direct to consumer accessory retailers, MVMT Watches to create a step-by-step playbook for brands looking to create, execute and expand an influencer marketing program. 

With the changing landscape of ecommerce, the demand for influencers has increased. GRIN customers have seen a 91% increase in content engagement and a 63% increase in conversions from their influencer programs since March, 2020. As the leader in the influencer marketing space, GRIN is taking the lead in guiding brands on how to get started and grow their influencer programs. 

GRIN worked with Ethan Frame, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager of MVMT Watches, to create an all-encompassing, step-by-step guide that breaks down how to develop a robust influencer program. The guide to getting started with influencer marketing includes recruiting influencers, writing campaign briefs, managing influencer relationships, measuring true ROI and much more.

With the release of the 0 to 100: Getting Started with Influencer Marketing guide, GRIN will be airing biweekly fireside chats to discuss the chapters at length and open the floor to a live Q&A. Brands in search of in-depth guidance on getting started with influencer marketing are encouraged to join the 0 to 100 Linkedin group associated with the playbook to post questions, download the available toolkits that offer resources to work through the guide’s chapters and attend the live chats to get real answers in real-time.

“We encounter a surge of brands that want to start an influencer program and have a very real need to do so. Influencer marketing is not something you simply buy software for and click a button to implement. There are so many intricate nuances to making it successful that many brands are unaware of,” says Sharon Thompson, VP of Marketing at GRIN. “With GRIN, brands can now manage and build their campaigns and manage influencers on one platform. GRIN replaces the need to manage programs manually on spreadsheets.”

Frame, a user of GRIN since MVMT’s inception, built the MVMT Watches influencer program from the ground up. Working in multiple spreadsheets and growing the company’s influencer relationships from one influencer to over 100, Frame came into influencer marketing when it was nearly a new concept amongst brands. Now MVMT Watches’ influencer program has scaled exponentially and is continuing to grow. 

“Up-and-coming brands or those that are new to the influencer space altogether are all asking the same questions: ‘Where do we get started with Influencer Marketing?  How do we even find the right influencers? What should we be paying them?’  Which is why I’m excited to have partnered with GRIN to help answer all of those questions and many more related to scaling up your program. We’ve truly created the ultimate guide for getting your brand started with influencer marketing,” said Frame.

The first installment of the 0 to 100 live chat is slated for Wednesday, May 20 at 10am PT and will have 35 min of discussion and 25 min of live Q&A. Register now.

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