Influencer Marketing Awards (IMA) 2021 shortlist announcement

GRIN and two GRIN clients - MuteSix and nutpods - have been selected as finalists in this year’s Influencer Marketing Awards.

GRIN: Finalist for Best Influencer Marketing Platform

GRIN is a leading influencer relationship management platform committed to helping brands nurture authentic relationships with social media creators. Our mission is to enable brand-consumer connections.

We are excited to be named as a finalist in the IMA Best Influencer Marketing Platform competition. 

Our founders built the GRIN platform specifically for direct brand-influencer relationships. It includes a suite of six influencer management tools:

  • Discovery: Finding the best creators for your brand, audience, and campaign objectives
  • Outreach: Initiating direct communication with the right creators
  • CRM: Managing influencer prospects, activations, contracts, and payments within an influencer-specific platform
  • Product Fulfillment: Integrating your eCommerce platform for optimized gifting campaigns and more
  • Analytics: Pulling and organizing all content and engagement for influencer campaigns
  • ROI Tracking: Reporting full-funnel performance metrics to scale high-performing programs

Most Effective Campaign for ROI: MuteSix + Snibbs

MuteSix is a creative and performance marketing agency that uses GRIN to help clients leverage the power of social media creator relationships. We are excited to announce that MuteSix and Snibbs are finalists for the IMA’s Most Effective Campaign for ROI category.

What did MuteSix/Snibbs accomplish?

Snibbs, a functional footwear brand, tasked the MuteSix influencer marketing team with creating an influencer outreach plan to raise brand awareness for a new shoe design. To be successful, Snibbs needed a robust collection of creator content to repurpose for organic and paid social posts.

Not only did MuteSix and Snibbs reach their content goals, but they also achieved:

  • More than 5 million impressions
  • Over 340,00 social engagements
  • More than $350,000 in shoe sales
  • Over 800% growth for Snibbs’ Instagram page

How did GRIN help?

At the start of the campaign, Snibbs needed performance data to refine messaging that would be most effective for influencer outreach and campaign briefs. After creating templates, MuteSix leveraged GRIN to track open rates, CTRs, and influencer replies. MuteSix was able to use the platform to A/B test messages and build optimized message sequences.

GRIN’s reporting dashboard also showed MuteSix which influencers performed best based on discount code revenue, link clicks, and conversions. Additionally, MuteSix leveraged the platform to track campaign KPIs, such as influencer post impressions, engagement rates, and content volume.

nutpods: Finalist for Most Effective Campaign for ROI

Nutpods delivers dairy-free and additive-free creamers with a uniquely smooth and rich taste. The brand maintains an ecommerce store while partnering with thousands of retailers across the United States. We are excited to announce that nutpods is also a finalist for the IMA’s Most Effective Campaign for ROI.

What did nutpods accomplish?

To increase brand awareness and creamer sales, Nutpods launched the nutpodsquad, an influencer program made up of two creator roles, ambassadors and affiliates.

Ambassador influencers functioned as an extension of the nutpods brand. Their role was to market the brand’s personality and drive sales both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Affiliate influencers worked as an extension of the sales team. Their primary function was to inform consumers and boost ecommerce sales.

The nutpodsquad campaign was so successful that it accounted for one-third of all customer acquisition on Also, the brand’s EMV increased to over $2.5 million. Nutpodsquad’s campaign ROI broke down, as follows:

  • Average EMV for every $1 spent
    • Ambassadors – $45+
    • Affiliates – $65+
  • Overall ROI
    • 5x for ambassadors
    • 18x for affiliates
  • Average ROI on new customer sales
    • 13.5x for ambassadors
    • 50x for affiliates

How did GRIN help?

Nutpods’ marketing team leveraged GRIN to identify superfans and niche influencers (coffee, Whole30, Keto, etc.). Additionally, the platform allowed the brand to track/follow-up with product gifts (using GRIN’s Shopify integration), segment influencers into the proper funnels (ambassador or affiliate), and then manage campaign workflows.

For influencer discovery, GRIN helped nutpods identify creators within key retail locations to help the brand support its in-store shoppers and retail partners.

The brand was able to monitor ambassador and affiliate performance within GRIN’s campaign workroom and report builder tool. This approach ensured that nutpods accurately attribute engagements and sales to the right creators.

What are the Influencer Marketing Awards (IMA)?

IMA’s mission is to

“Shine a light on exceptional Influencer Marketing campaigns that showcase exceptional planning, execution, creativity and innovation.”

Launched in 2018, the Influencer Marketing Awards seeks to reward those brands that demonstrate outstanding campaign performance. There are 31 total awards across 7 industry categories. 

Contestants submitted their entries in April, and the IMA shortlist was officially announced on June 16.

The winners for the 2021 Influencer Marketing Awards will be announced on July 22.

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