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GRIN + Sendlane: Creator management paired with unified email and SMS produces powerful results

Email and SMS are the ultimate power couple for DTC brands. Like creator management, having the right tech platforms to manage these critical portions of your business is vital. As paid social decentralizes, privacy implications increase, and ecommerce matures, retention has never been more valuable as the backbone of a successful DTC strategy. 

What are unified email and SMS?

Unified email and SMS merge data, messaging, and strategy to build welcome, post-purchase, cart abandonment, and other automated messages. Unified email and SMS can save time, maximize efficiency, and help you scale your outreach.

To achieve unified email and SMS, you will need the right platform. But with so many available options, it can be hard to find the right solution to fit your needs. 

Our top pick: Sendlane
GRIN + Sendlane: Creator management paired with unified email and SMS produces powerful results 1

Sendlane, a customer experience-focused email and SMS marketing automation solution, empowers ecommerce brands to turn first-time shoppers into lifetime customers. 

The platform services over 1,700 businesses and is used by top digital marketers and ecommerce brands across the globe, successfully delivering billions of emails. Sendlane is dedicated to consistently growing and evolving. It provides an industry-leading 24/7 live chat with 30-second response time support and employs an expert team of dedicated customer support managers.

Here are a few reasons why Sendlane beats the biggest and best in marketing automation:

End-to-end email and SMS management

With Sendlane, you can personalize email and SMS together in an end-to-end platform. That means fewer logins, less wasted time, and more resources spent on things that matter. Intelligent popups make building both lists easy for automation that leverages email and SMS to guide contacts toward your end goal. 

Trigger automation at various points to multi-purpose responses for more than one segment. Be intentional with your SMS messaging by using delays or website behavior actions in automation to deploy a text message at the best time. 

Leverage integrations like Justuno for advanced email and phone number capture or to trigger email or SMS based on loyalty data points.

Two-way reply SMS center

Sendlane’s two-way reply center with SMS lets you reply to customers in real time. This is great for brands with lots of SKUs or several product variants as it enables them to answer customer questions quickly and segment based on actual customer responses. Sendlane’s reply center provides the support necessary to exceed customer expectations. 

Strong automation, advanced segmentation 

Sendlane’s powerful software makes sure you’re sending the right message to the right person at the right time. The platform comes with website behavioral tracking in a tool called Beacon. After installing Beacon (a quick code snippet on your site), you can use subscriber website behavior to personalize your automations and campaigns with ease.  

24/7 live customer support

Trial users get treated like VIPs with 30-second live support responses, white-glove onboarding, and email support. Check out some G2 reviews to see how others view their customer support with the Sendlane team.

Right now, Sendlane is offering a 14-day free trial. Schedule a demo today. 

How to maximize your creator UGC with unified email and SMS

As the primary voices to your customers, email and SMS make the perfect team to help share your very best UGC, highlight influencers, create motivation, build awareness, and drive conversions. 

There is no greater influence than social proof and the art of storytelling. And partnering with the right creators is the key to unlocking both. Whether it’s a lifestyle photo from the perfect angle, a glowing testimonial, or highlighting an aspirational influencer, the power of creators provides authentic content that resonates with your targeted audience. 

And when your creators go viral, push the gas by linking their top content in an email block, dedicated email, SMS, or MMS (maybe with a bite-sized GIF!).

Creator management isn’t just about social media. It’s about building authentic relationships leveraged in one holistic strategy via all your marketing channels.

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