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Spring 2021: GRIN is G2 Leader and #1 in Influencer Marketing Software

Not only has GRIN retained its G2 Leader status into Spring 2021, but it is now rated number one in influencer marketing software.

GRIN Ranked #1 Influencer Marketing Software on G2!

What does this mean?

As a peer-to-peer review and software discovery platform, G2 examines software solutions across multiple industries to deliver user-based recommendations.

Before recommending a platform, G2 produces a formal report on each tech solution, lists those solutions within specific marketplaces, and ranks them by order of their G2 scores. This year, GRIN is ranked at the top above all other influencer marketing software solutions.

What Does It Mean to Be a G2 Leader?

What is the G2 Report?

GRIN G2 report - influencer marketing

Image via G2

G2 aggregates user feedback on each influencer marketing platform, organizes that data, and then plots each solution in a grid (as seen above). The G2 Grid plots each solution on a spectrum within one of four quadrants: Niche, Contenders, High Performers, and Leaders.

In addition to the Grid Report, G2 offers detailed insights on each platform in an Index Report and Momentum Report. Naturally, these reports result in a score that helps G2 rank each solution by quality and overall excellence.

G2 Crowd Scoring

“G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm (v3.0) to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.” – G2.com

G2 scores each software solution on a 1-5 star scale. Each brand also receives a 1-10 score based on software performance for its top features. These scores result in a list of top three highest rated features and bottom three lowest rated features.

Factors that impact these performance scores include:

  • How recently each customer reviewed the software
  • How in-depth each customer review is
  • Review anonymity or transparency
  • Proof of user-ship (such as product screenshots)
  • Community feedback on certain customer reviews

Upon submitting a review, each customer declares how likely they are to recommend the platform on a 1-10 scale.

GRIN’s G2 Accomplishments

All of GRIN’s highest rated and lowest rated features score above average among all influencer marketing software solutions. Our highest rated features are:

GRIN also received the following G2 Leader badges:

  • Best Usability
  • Best Results
  • Best Relationship
  • Momentum Leader

Access GRIN’s full G2 report, reviews, and scores here.

G2 Review Highlights

“With Grin, you simply can do everything from looking at influencers and their stats, to sending them a personal email all the way to collecting your tasks. The platform keeps it all in one place so I don’t have to keep spreadsheets and notes about everything myself.” – Kristen H

“I love the report builder, and all the reporting features since we rely so heavily on revenue and content, impressions. ect. ect. I love the influencer search feature as well, it really helps to hone in on quality potential ambassadors… Grin is easy to navigate and their database of ambassadors is unlike any other platform!” – Lauren M

“GRIN keeps us so organized. Having a singular platform to keep all of our influencer’s information and a log of all communication has been such a time saver. The campaign feature allows me to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, which is a game changer when you’re a one-person team!” – Sabrina M

“Personally – I love the Grin interface, the capabilities, the reporting, and the SUPPORT TEAM. Coming in as an outsider to the influencer marketing realm, this platform and the team have been game changers for our business.” – Greg T

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