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GRIN launches Creator Discovery Suite, the most comprehensive creator discovery solution

GRIN solidifies most comprehensive creator recruitment offering in the market

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – May 16, 2023 – GRIN, the leading creator management platform for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, today announced the launch of its Creator Discovery Suite, which is the world’s most comprehensive creator discovery platform. It offers a powerful combination of active and passive discovery solutions, so brands can implement a combination of recruitment strategies, simultaneously, using a single platform.

The creator economy is booming, and according to a recent report from Meta, is made up of around 300 million creators globally and is forecasted to reach more than $100 billion. However, finding brand-aligned creators can be challenging, and it is critical to the success of an influencer marketing program.

“There’s no universal approach or simple solution that guarantees results. To succeed, it is imperative that brands implement a multi-channel recruitment strategy that taps into diverse creator groups,” said Brandon Brown, CEO of GRIN. “Our Creator Discovery Suite and the range it offers brands is the secret to going viral on social media in 2023.”

Creators can make or break a brand’s campaign. In fact, a mismatched creator can dilute a brand’s image or campaign. Unearthing brand-aligned creators is key to the success of a campaign and directly contributes to the ROI generated for the business. 
“To build a diverse roster of creators—fast—we needed to implement a multi-channel recruitment strategy. GRIN’s Discovery Suite gave our lean team the right tools to help us scale from 0 to 300 creators in just one quarter,”  said Danny Marken, the Assistant Brand Manager at drink-mix brand True Citrus. “We particularly love the quality of creators from GRIN’s Curated Lists and have even seen a 25% increase in response rate when reaching out to creators vs a traditional database.” 

A diversified influencer strategy is wise, and easy with GRIN

There is no single way to discover creators, but creating a diversified influencer strategy is easier said than done. Typically, companies over-index on one or two discovery tools such as a landing page or a creator database. However, this can be limiting for brands, and result in slower program growth. 

The best way to discover creators is to have a diversified strategy that taps into multiple channels and creator groups. This approach ensures that promising creator partnerships are not overlooked. Using GRIN’s Creator Discovery Suite, users can leverage a variety of tools to grow their creator roster. It provides brands the flexibility to scale their programs, on their terms, using five powerful recruiting tools:

  • Creator Search – Allows brands to easily search and filter through millions of creators across multiple platforms.
  • Web Extension – Assists organic creator discovery on social platforms, providing a convenient way to gather key information about creators and the ability to import them to the GRIN platform.
  • Landing Pages – A powerful tool for inbound recruiting that lets creators interested in collaborating with a brand reach that brand with ease.
  • Social Listening – Identifies creators who are not on a brand’s radar but are actively discussing the brand on Instagram.
  • Curated Lists – This expert-led solution takes the hassle out of finding the perfect brand partners and frees up more time to optimize and grow a brand’s influencer program.

GRIN recognizes that each brand has unique needs at specific times in its program growth which require either a more hands-on or hands-off approach to recruitment.

The Creator Discovery Suite supports brands in phases of active recruitment and provides “set it and forget it” solutions that continuously feed a brand’s creator funnel, automatically. Being able to do active and always-on recruitment accelerates the process of finding creators who either already love the brand or are likely to love the brand. It also provides the flexibility to use whatever combination of tools works best for a brand’s needs.

To learn more and schedule a demo to see how GRIN can make an impact on your creator marketing strategy, please visit our site.

About GRIN:
GRIN is the pioneer behind the world’s leading Creator Management platform, designed for the next generation of brands who recognize that, in the creator economy, authenticity is everything. Our platform supports every brand’s journey to connecting with consumers through authentic creator relationships and is listed #1 across all top review sites including Capterra, G2 Crowd and Influencer Marketing Hub. Thousands of the world’s fastest-growing brands – including SKIMS, Warby Parker, Allbirds, Mejuri, and MVMT – use GRIN to make creators feel like trusted, empowered partners and work with them to build their brands into household names. Together, we are revolutionizing the Creator Economy.

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