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Leading Ecommerce Brands Share Insights Into Their Influencer Marketing Programs

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The creator economy is pretty big. In fact, as an almost $15 billion industry, it’s downright massive. 

Taking your place as a brand in this evolving market can be intimidating, so where do you start? 

When in doubt, take a look at what the leaders are doing. And that’s where GRIN comes in. 

GRIN surveyed 280 of their customers to uncover insights, pain points, and goals within the creator economy and gathered influencer marketing insights for 2022. 

One key takeaway: Many marketers are seeing a shift in what an influencer actually is. 

“I see the distinction between an ‘influencer’ and a regular person beginning to blur. Someone doesn’t have to consider themselves an influencer to have a tremendous amount of persuasion when it comes to their friends and family’s purchase decisions.”

— GRIN customer

Whether you want to use these insights to find a sweet spot in the middle of the data for your influencer marketing program, or you’re feeling daring and want to be an outlier, this report can help you craft a winning strategy. 

But, as shrewdly observed by one respondent, it’s time to get your foot in the door. 

“Influencers will be the core of all marketing. Companies will embrace having them as ambassadors. Larger partnerships, longer campaigns, more exclusivity. Influencer marketing will become more and more competitive.”

— GRIN customer

The team at GRIN would like to send a big thank you to all of the brands who participated. 

“The insights shared in this customer survey are an essential resource for any brand who wants to understand how other brands are evolving with their creators and influencers in the creator economy.”

Katya Allison, Director of Community at GRIN. 

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