5 Methods to Succeed

Influencer marketing, and creator management, is any marketing framework your team uses to reach an audience through creators. And when your marketing team works together focused on your most loyal advocates, influencers, and customers, you see:

Reduced customer acquisition costs
Increased loyalty
Faster brand value building
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Where does influencer marketing 
success start?

Creating a spectacular influencer marketing program relies on 5 steps:

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Inspire Belief

The best brand/influencer relationships begin when a content creator truly believes in your brand. They love your products. They tell their family and friends about you. And building on that trust ensures you create a rock-solid relationship with your content creators.

Learn more about how GRIN inspires belief.
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Optimize with Data

Once you’ve started a campaign, you need to analyze it. Who performed best? How did the audience engage with each content creator? Do you need to find a new influencer, or is your best performer still dominating the game? Creating a stronger campaign begins with optimization.

Find out how GRIN helps you optimize your campaigns.

Foster Authenticity

Managing several influencers at once can be agonizing. Keep the human touch of your personal management while increasing your influencer roster with our software. Avoid sounding like a robot with impersonal mass emails.

Learn more about authenticity at scale.
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View your complete roster.

Avoid the endless scroll of trying to find your influencer’s posts. GRIN offers a central dashboard where you can see each creator’s agreed-upon content piece. You can also see which content creators perform the best and how.

Read more about our 360 creator view.
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Avoid the middleman.

Middlemen, such as marketplaces and networks, often hijack collaboration between brands and influencers. Own your direct influencer relationships to bring honest endorsements to the consumer.

The key to cultivating trusted influencer content is to build relationships directly, not through a go-between.

Find out more about avoiding the middleman. Influencer Marketing Success 4

Creators are the catalyst for the
new billion-dollar brands.

Old-school mass advertising isn’t building brands; partnerships with creators are. Brands that use creators as brand storytellers are now the names on everyone’s lips. Their rise to fame results from direct and authentic brand-creator partnerships. Influencer marketing makes for genuine, believable endorsements.

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In the creator economy, authenticity is everything.

If all consumers want to see is the real deal, it’s simple: your creator relationships need to be the real deal. How do you make that happen?

To get creator engagement right, your team needs to shift how they see their roles. They’re not just marketers anymore. They’re managers of authentic relationships.

It’s a department-wide shift- not just for the people with “influencer marketing” in their title. Quality relationships are at the core of every aspect of modern marketing, from affiliate sales to customer advocacy.

Get your whole team on board with this mindset, and watch all your marketing efforts improve.

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