In-Person Event

June 1, 2022


GRIN was proud to sponsor Subsummit 2022—the world’s largest conference dedicated to DTC subscriptions. At the event, we spoke to numerous brands just getting started on their influencer marketing journey and provided insight into how partnering with authentic creators can help level up their marketing strategy.

SubSummit 1

3 days. 125+ brands. 100+ speakers.

SubSummit 2022 featured expert insights and networking opportunities for brands in every corner of the subscription box industry. The goal of the event was to help the more than 1,500 attendees:

  • Optimize their business model with the help and guidance of subscription industry experts.
  • Develop long-lasting business relationships with hundreds of like-minded individuals.
  • Understand the evolution of the subscription industry to prepare for what’s ahead.
  • Rely on reputable and insightful data to make educated business decisions that lead to success.
  • Learn the latest strategies from industry leaders representing all six segments of subscription.

Top brands subscribe to authentic creator partnerships.

Box subscriptions are more popular now than ever. To stand out, top brands partner with authentic online creators to help share their brand story, provide honest product endorsements, and connect emotionally with a like-minded audience.

SubSummit 3

All-in-one creator management platform helping ecommerce companies build more valuable brands through the power of creator partnerships.

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