Top Kid Influencers of 2021

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As today’s youth grow more versatile with mobile devices and developers create more kid-friendly apps, young influencers are stealing the show. Here are our top fifteen picks for kid influencers to watch in 2021.

What to Look For in Kid Influencers

When it comes to collaborating with minors (and in most cases, their parents), there are legal considerations your marketing team needs to take seriously. FCC rules and COPPA regulations hold brands accountable for using minors for advertising purposes, as well as what data social platforms might be collecting from kid viewers.

After making sure that your campaigns are compliant, you’ll want to collaborate closely with the parents to make sure that your campaign objectives are both clear and achievable.

Choose Your Influencers Carefully

Not every young influencer is a good fit for your brand, even if they are extra talented or endearing to your audience. By gathering details about what types of content they post and what they can reasonably accomplish on behalf of your brand, you will identify whether audience alignment exists and which of your marketing KPIs match their posting style.

Certain kid influencers are most comfortable performing specific actions, such as trying out toys, video games, or snacks. Thanks to social media activists like Greta Thunberg, there are also an increasing number of socially-conscious youth that are passionate about ethics and moral issues. Other kid influencers enjoy showing off fun outfits or teaching viewers how to create crafts or kid-friendly science experiments.

Pay attention to colors, style, and content mediums (pictures, video, etc.). Each of these details can make a big difference in your campaign results.

Collaborate with Kid Influencers

Many kid influencers produce content alongside their parents and siblings. By taking extra time to learn what these influencers usually do to attract meaningful engagement, you will allow them to give you their best creative results.

And just because these influencers are kids doesn’t mean that they don’t have critical insights. With their parents’ help, kid influencers put hard work into building an audience of fans that feel emotionally invested in each piece of content.

Top 15 Kid Influencers of 2021

Influencer #1: The Axel Show (@theaxelshow)

The Axel Show stars Patrick (father) and his two kids. The oldest son, Axel, is often the star of the “show.” Occasionally, one of Axel’s friends joins a video. 

In each video, father and kids play together. Sometimes, they are testing new toys. Other times, they’re simply sharing their kid imagination with the world. You can find Patrick and Axel on YouTube (their main social platform), Instagram, and Facebook.

Influencer #2: Greta Thunberg @gretathunberg

Two years ago, a fifteen year-old Swedish student with Asperger’s syndrome, Greta Thunberg, won an essay competition by writing a paper on climate change. That same year, she initiated global protests aimed to force governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Greta is a descendent of Nobel Prize winner and environmentalist, Svante Arrhenius. Though she is the only environmentally-conscious member of her family, Greta’s moral courage has inspired millions of all ages around the world to demand change to save the planet. She is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Influencer #3: Tiana Wilson (@tianawilson)

Tiana turns thirteen this Christmas Eve (December 24), which by COPPA law is when minors may manage their own social media accounts. Fans are excited for Tiana’s debut on TikTok this year beginning on her birthday – without a single video, she already has 1.7 million followers!

Tiana is a Roblox fanatic currently partnering with her parents as a prolific YouTuber. In addition to testing and reviewing Roblox features, she likes to host giveaways, such as the iPhone post above.

Influencer #4: Kyle Giersdorf (@bugha)

At sixteen, Kyle became the Fortnite World Champion out of 40 million participants. He is now a professional eSports competitor and kid influencer among Fortnite gamers and related brands.

While Kyle’s biggest social platform is Twitch, he is also active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Influencer #5: Lorenzo Greer (@tekkerzkid)

Lorenzo Greer is the Tekkerz Kid and a YouTube soccer sensation. At only eight years old, Lorenzo creates soccer skill tutorials that help kids, teens, and coaches alike. One of his passions is quality footwear. As such, Lorenzo enjoys testing different soccer cleats.

The Tekkerz Kid also collaborates with his parents to maintain a presence on Instagram and TikTok.

Influencer #6: Mila and Emma Stauffer (@kcstauffer)

The Stauffer Family is most famous for an adorable set of six-year-old twins named Mila and Emma. This pair enjoys fashion shows, toys, food, but most of the time – they just love having fun on camera together.

Mila and Emma’s parents manage both the YouTube and Instagram accounts and frequently make guest appearances.

Influencer #7: Ryan Kaji (@ryansworld)

Ryan’s mother is the creator behind “Ryan’s World,” and Ryan is usually the star. Most of Ryan’s World videos are educational and directed towards kids. But Ryan and his mother will also create fun crafts and perform toy reviews.

The Kaji family is known for giving away all tested products to local charities after completing a vlog. You can find Ryan and his mom on YouTube and Instagram.

Influencer #8: Coco PinkPrincess (@coco_pinkprincess)

Coco PinkPrincess is a ten year-old Japanese fashion model who is popular on Instagram. She is famous for showcasing pastel outfits and bold combinations. Coco also enjoys modeling accessories, such as handbags, eyewear, and hats.

Influencer #9: Mari Copeny (@littlemissflint)

Mari Copeny is “Little Miss Flint” and leverages her social media accounts to advocate for kids in Flint, Michigan. Her two main concerns relate to the ongoing contaminated water issue, as well as serving the underprivileged in her community.

Like Greta Thunberg, Mari has inspired people of all ages to join protests and donate toward solutions to suffering in the Central Michigan area. You can find Little Miss Flint on Instagram and Facebook.

Influencer #10: Ava & Leah Clements (@clementstwins)

Ava and Leah are ten year-old twins that love fashion. But more than fashion, they love their father. With their mom’s help, they created an Instagram account to showcase brands and help raise awareness for their ailing father who suffers from a rare form of leukemia.

Together, the Clements family has partnered with a number of fashion brands, along with DKMS, a bone marrow transplant nonprofit organization. In addition to Instagram, you can also find Ava and Leah on YouTube.

Influencer #11: Ava & Alexis McClure (@mccluretwins)

For our third set of twin influencers, we present Ava and Alexis McClure. These two seven year-olds branched off from the famous, family YouTube channel, The Mighty McClures. In total, the McClure family manages four popular vlog platforms, including McClure Twins, Life of Ami (mom), and Playtime with Jersey (Ava and Alexis’ younger brother). 

The McClure twins tailor their content towards kids and family. With the help of their parents, Ava and Alexis have partnered with a variety of toy and household brands. You can find the twins active on YouTube and Instagram.

Influencer #12: Everleigh Rose Soutas (@everleighrose)

Everleigh Rose is perhaps one of the most adorable kids on social media. Not only does she lead viewers in slime-making tutorials, but she shows off incredible dance moves with her mom (a trained dancer).

When she’s not dancing or having kid fun, Everleigh Rose reviews the latest toy releases and models kids fashion. She is currently active on YouTube and Instagram.

Influencer #13: Ethan Gamer (@ethangamer)

Unlike most gamer YouTubers, Ethan doesn’t claim to be among the best players, and he’s not a participant in eSports. But he does have a knack for showcasing new games and celebrating positivity on his social channels.

In addition to video games, Ethan loves being physically active and social with family and friends. You can find him on Instagram and YouTube.

Influencer #14: Anastasia (@amcprincessana)

Anastasia is Instagram-famous AMC Princess Ana. AMC stands for “Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita,” which is the name of a medical condition she’s endured since birth. Anastasia’s disease prevents her from enjoying many common physical activities among kids her age.

Nevertheless, Princess Ana’s joyful personality and beautiful content not only promote loving family life, but it also raises awareness for kids with disabilities and the parents who care for them. You can find Anastasia on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Influencer #15: Claire and the Crosby Family (@clairecrosby)

The Crosby family is one of YouTube’s favorite influencer families. Claire’s Instagram channel allows the sweet seven year-old to show off her amazing musical talent. She became an online sensation after she performed A Million Dreams in a family music video.

While Claire is perhaps the most famous influencer of the bunch, all the Crosbys contribute some amazing content. You can find them on YouTube and Instagram.

In Conclusion

Working with kid influencers can be fun and life changing. From the latest in technology to raising awareness for social causes, today’s youth enter this world in arguably the most critical time in human history. 

Brands that partner with kid influencers will reach unique audiences – particularly those consumers that are passionate about family activities and kid-related products and services. 

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